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Airsoft: Cardiff beat Southampton Uni 2-1 in Away Game

Cardiff University Airsoft Society won an away game against Southampton University’s team on Saturday 19 November, winning overall by the “skin of their teeth.” A combined squad of 16 players from CUAS’s 1st and 2nd Teams headed to Southampton’s local field for a closely-fought game day, the final score of which was 2-1. Cardiff came out victorious in two games where they narrowly won, fortunately there was just one game where Southampton were able to use their home site advantage to claim a decisive victory.

The ranked games were preceded by a warm-up game, victory in which left morale for the Cardiff team high. Having had their first glimpse of the site, a 90-acre dense woodland sparsely populated by small structures, Cardiff defended against attacking Southampton in an attack-defend game which Southampton finished in 45 minutes. When it came to Cardiff’s turn to attack, they finished in 39 minutes, scraping the point.

After lunch, the two teams played in a “collapsing defense” game, where the attacking team was tasked with pushing back defenders from two fortifications. Due to a poorly devised assault strategy, Cardiff were slow to take their first objective but somewhat made up for it with the second, completing the objective in 21 minutes. Southampton, when it was their turn to attack, utilised their home advantage and took both objectives in 16 minutes for a decisive victory, using frag grenades and close-quarters tactics.

With the score at 1-1, the final game was to be the equaliser. Both teams were tasked with bringing a flag propped up on a field gun back to their respective bases. Southampton were quick on the draw, scoring the first point. The objective was reset, and Harry Carpenter, a Cardiff fresher on his very first day playing for the team, ran it home to claim a point. The team captain, James Clarke, said the game became “stressful” as it was match point- one single capture for either side meant victory for the whole day. Jacob Stanswood, squad leader, charged in through corridors of smoke grenades thrown by the rest of the team to safely secure the objective one more time, winning the point, the game, and the whole day.

Southampton’s team captain, Ed Andrews, said: “I personally was very happy to see how my team has come together over quite a short period especially with at least 6 of my players only starting airsoft this year.” he also complimented Cardiff on “being able to take the fort in just over 20 minutes despite it being your first experience of it.”

Chloe Chippindale, 2IC of one of the Cardiff squads, said that although the game was tense at times, when “the whistle blew sounding end of game and the seriousness ended, we all got to have a good laugh before going again.”

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