“Astronaut Tour” Comes To Cardiff University

Pictured: Former astronaut Steve Swanson has spacewalked for over 26 hours
Former ISS commander shares his story in talks across the UK

by Jonathan Learmont

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to spacewalk? Know what it takes to be an astronaut on the International Space Station? Or maybe you’d just like to learn more about the incredibly unique experiences that come with spending 195 days, 15 hours and 41 minutes living literally out of this world.

An incredibly rare opportunity to have these questions and more about space answered in person is happening this week in the form of the Astronaut Tour. Former astronaut Steve Swanson rose from working as a software engineer at a telephone company to flying multiple shuttle missions with NASA, and later became commander of the International Space Station. Now he is giving talks in five cities across the UK about his remarkable life, with Cardiff’s event taking place on 20th November at 7pm in the Julian Hodge Building.

The event is organised through a collaboration of Pint of Science, a non-profit organisation run by volunteers which aims to make science accessible to the public, and the International Space Schools Trust (ISSET), which partners with some of the world’s leading space organisations to deliver unique learning opportunities for students.

In the run up to the tour, Pint of Science’s Twitter and Instagram accounts (@pintofscience) are offering a taste of what’s in store through their #AskAnAstronaut campaign, where Steve answers questions that dive into what’s fun, scary and difficult about life outside earth.

Tickets are available at—cardiff, as well as being sold on the day.

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