Backlash over ‘I’m A Celebrity’ vegan choices

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By Sian Hopkins | Comment Editor

On the 17th of November, viewers of the hit celebrity game show I’m A Celebrity.. Get Me Out Of Here!, got to watch the first eating trial of the series. The food consisted of some grim delicacies but local to the country of Wales. Jordan North and Vernon Kay were given some gruesome dishes ranging from a cow udder to a sheep’s penis. However, viewers were quick to criticise the fact that Beverley Callard received supposedly easier ‘nicer’ dishes because the actress is vegan. This meant she received no meat or animal parts, as she obviously shouldn’t be expected to break her food decisions to be vegan just for the show. 

It seems quite ironic that many meat-eaters in everyday life complain about how they could not swap to vegan or vegetarian food alternatives due to them being ‘nothing like meat’ and often ‘disgusting. Now, the vegan options given to Beverley seem not to be ‘hard’ enough or grim enough compared to the meat options. Many on twitter joked that Beverley became vegan once she heard she might be on I’m a Celebrity this year, and that those in the next few years will also be announcing their ‘vegan preferences.’

The fact is however, that the dishes Beverley was given were no less disgusting or inedible to the meat dishes Vernon and Jordan received. Her first course involved the Noni, also known as a vomit fruit. According to Atlas Obscura it is also referred to as dog dumpling and starvation fruit. When it is most developed the taste of the fruit can be described as a combination of sharp cheese, lemon and vomit. Her later dishes were not much better, as both the plums and tofu were fermented, meaning the food was past the stage of rotten. Vernon even commented live on the show to ‘bring on the c**k and balls’ after smelling the tofu presented to Beverley.

The criticisms ITV received over Beverley’s food preferences prove once again that many people believe they have a right to have an opinion on other’s decisions to be vegan or vegetarian. It’s either too difficult to try or the easy way out in this case. If anything, the criticisms seem directed and the most humane part of the showing, considering the animals actually involved in this challenge are dead. Any animal used for entertainment purposes should be questioned, whether it is an insect or a large domesticated creature. Frankly, Beverley’s food options are the least concerning element of the popular television show and beg the question of the British public’s priorities. 


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