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As famous literary scholar, Dua Lipa, once said, ‘if you’re under him, you ain’t getting over him.’ Yes, this is the same Dua Lipa who just recently broke her own ‘new rules’ and ended her current relationship with her boyfriend and has ironically, gone back to her ex. As Badvice columnist, I condone a lot of unacceptable actions, yet, even I firmly believe that once they’re an ex, they should be just that. Even then, I shall continue to give you poor guidance and hopefully, score you a post Valentine’s Day date with your old beau.

The first step to getting back your ex, is figuring out where you went wrong in the first place. Identify the problems you faced as a couple and see if they’re something you can resolve on your own. Maybe the problem was that you were too crabby all the time? If so, take some ‘chill pills’ and learn how to relax, if you want to be given another chance that is. However, if the problem was that your ex couldn’t keep it in their pants and had serious commitment and faithfulness issues, then maybe it’s better that you just block their ass and move on. As unfortunate as it is, some people just can’t be changed.

However, if you do single handily resolve the issues your relationship faced, you can move on the next step and that is making yourself irresistible as possible. If your glow up is still pending, then this is the time to make sure you can get yourself to the best you possibly can be, whether it be physically or mentally, make your old partner realise what they’re missing out on.

As bitter as it sounds, making your ex jealous is usually the way to go if you want them to come crawling back. Flaunt your new-found independence and happiness in their face and maybe even flirt with a stranger or two. Nothing will make their blood boil more than seeing you laugh with and enjoy the company of someone else, when it really should be them putting a smile on your face. So, make sure they think you’ve moved on and your happy, even if really you cry in to your pillow every night.

By this point hopefully, they will have reached out to you and made it clear that they’re interested in giving it another go. But don’t just jump straight in to the boat. Make sure they’re aware of what needs to change in order for the relationship to be successful and they acknowledged that you’ve grown as a person. If they don’t then seriously consider whether they’re worth taking back (even if you really want a spooning buddy).

I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve put a great deal of thought and consideration in to what may seem like an impossible task but it’s very much possible and achievable so don’t give up hope just yet. You’ll get them back eventually and hopefully this time, it’ll stick. But first, let me part you with some good advice and tell you not to bring down your own self-worth in the process. And alas, I promise to give you worse advice next week because in all honesty, this may prove to be more useful than not.

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