Badvice: How to spend your student loan in one week

Okay, I’m not going to lie to all of you; I have in fact done this. But in all fairness, I get the minimum amount you can get for student finance and when you subtract rent and bills from it, I’m usually left with about £50 to spare each term which normally ends up being spent on a takeaway and a going out outfit or two.

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You might be wondering at this moment, what the point of this article is. Surely, I should be giving you all tips on how to save money instead of spending it all but the whole point of Badvice is to give you awful and pointless tips which you most definitely should not follow (even though I’m sure the odd one or two of you probably will).

In all honesty, you’re most likely going to spend a good 80% of your money on food. If you want to splurge out a little you can go to the Marks and Spencer’s Food Hall in St David’s and get yourself some fancy sounding pasta (the beetroot and lemon ravioli tastes like fairy liquid) or if you’re feeling super extravagant, head down to the seafood aisle and buy a whole lobster for £20. If I were you I’d send my mum a picture straight after and brag about how even Gordon Ramsay isn’t as classy as you.

After your 5* meal at Castle de la Talybont North, you might as well get yourself online and splurge a little more. Why not start planning that lads holiday to Budapest you’ve all been talking about for the last few years? And while you’re at it, look for the fanciest hotel you can find – it doesn’t have to be a recreation of the Inbetweeners Movie.

My boyfriend spent about a grand on sneakers in his first year of University. His excuse was that most of them were limited edition and he was going to re-sell them for a profit but most of them are sitting unworn in the back of his closet. Maybe you could take a page out of his book and invest in an emerging company or buy a house and rent it out (see, not all bad advice).

Of course the next step from there is to use that 20% UNIDays discount and fill up your ASOS and Missguided baskets with stuff you know you’re going to end up selling on Depop for a quarter of the price you bought it for. It does however call for a fun impromptu cat walk session with your housemates, despite the fact they have to tell you, “you look fab,” or it’ll call for some major house drama.

So give yourself a pat on the back for spending wisely over the last two weeks, but now it’s time to treat yo’ self!

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