Badvice – Tips for a Successful Night Out

I guess it very much depends on the type of person you are when it comes to what you class as a successful night out. I myself would rate a night out based on whether or not I got home in one piece and how much information I could remember. You see, I’m that person who always ends up wandering away from the group to go on an adventure and wakes up the next morning with very little recollection of what happened the night before and how much money has gone out of my bank account.

Thankfully my friends are a little more well behaved and not as light weight as I am and happily share with me all the embarrassing tales of the night before. They also have a lot more common sense than me and stop me from giving an odd £70 to a woman in Chicken Cottage (yes, this actually happened).

Personally, I think there are a number of factors that contribute to a successful night out. It’s basic knowledge that if the people you’re spending your night with aren’t the most enthusiastic bunch, your night out is most likely going to be fairly dead and you’ll be in McDonalds before it hits midnight.

If you’re a fresher and still getting to know people, there’s no better way than to play a drinking game or two. Simply one round of ‘Never Have I Ever’ can leave you second guessing the flatmate that’s as quiet as a mouse.

The next key, of course, is what you drink. My boyfriend was introduced to a recipe knows as the ‘VLL’ by his Uncle. It stands for ‘Vodka Lime Lemonade’ and the recipe consists of ¼ Vodka, ½ Lemonade and ¼ Lime cordial. The amount of cordial you add usually masks the taste of the Vodka and before you know it, you’ve downed your third glass in the space of 20 minutes and are struggling to walk to the bathroom, which is only down the hall.

This leads on to the last and most important key – pre-drinks. Over the years pres have begun to play a pivotal role in almost every university students social life. Pres are an important utensil and you should make the most out of them and in this case, you should take it as an opportunity to get completely and utterly trashed before you hit the clubs, because quite frankly, prices there will be absurd.

While I’m here, I should add that you should never, ever, ever hold pre-drinks in your kitchen or lounge because when you wake up at 2PM with a massive hangover and Tom from Room 3 has sent you a bunch of angry messages telling you to clean the mess you made last night, you’ll most likely consider walking in to a bus. It also means you have a wider selection of alcohol to choose from when you realise you ‘forgot’ yours at home.

So I recommend you take all these tips away with you and make the most of them when you’re next out on the lash. But if you wake up in Ireland with a stranger and a tattoo on your face, please don’t blame me.

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