Baroness Randerson named Cardiff University’s new Chancellor

By Hallum Cowell

Baroness Randerson has been named as Cardiff University’s new chancellor.

Chancellor is the most senior role at the University and includes presiding over graduation ceremonies.

Baroness Randerson is one of Wales’ longest-serving politicians, having served for four decades. More recently was also introduced into the House of Lords in 2011, and held the post of under-secretary of state at the Wales office from 2012 to 2015.

The Baroness also holds a degree in history from Bedford college and a PCGE from the Institute of education both of which preside at London University.

On her appointment, Baroness Randerson said: “I will take up this role at a time of immense challenge for all UK universities and I commit myself to do all I can to represent the university, its students and staff, to the best of my ability”.

The official inauguration was on January, 30.