Bike lane opening is part of new pop-up initiative in Cardiff

Making Connections: The pop-up bike lane is part of a bigger plan for expansion of bike routes.
Making Connections: The pop-up bike lane is part of a bigger plan for expansion of bike routes.. Source: Alexander Kachkaev (via Wikimedia Commons)

By Luthien Evans | News Editor

Cardiff city centre has welcomed a new “pop-up” bike lane which opened up on 15 March. This is the start of a wider expansion of further bike lanes. This new lane and cycleway spans from Cathedral Road, along Castle Street and finally onto Dumfries Place. The opening of the lane is welcomed as it connects the streets together for cyclists. Many were already using the lane  before it opened officially.

The plan for further extension has been cited as extending the route to Wellington Street and Newport Road. These plans extend to reaching the junction with Broadway Adamsdown.

These plans were part of a Cardiff initiative to make the city one of the best cycling cities in the UK.

Cabinet member for strategic planning and transport, Councillor Caro Wild, has commented on further plans: “we plan to build an integrated cycleway network from the city centre which connects to teach exciting neighbourhoods, as set out in the current adopted local development plan.”

He continued: “the new roots will be separated from other traffic on the road, making cycling safer, easier and a far better experience. We can become a more attractive option for both residents, families and visitors, giving people the opportunity to enjoy all the health and fitness benefits it can bring. “

Further comments were made regarding the effect that the pandemic has had upon exercise and sporting activities, as many have been halted. He comments on the accessibility of cycling and walking for Cardiff citizen’s daily exercise that has been discussed within Covid regulations for various health benefits. This is especially prevalent as Wales has adopted a “stay local” message, replacing the previous ‘stay home’ message.

This is said to be the reason for the acceleration of the bike lane plans, allowing people to “move around the city as restrictions are eased “.

More routes are currently being discussed, in order to connect the neighbourhoods of Cardiff, making the city accessible. Routes that have been discussed involve the inclusion of bike lanes from the City centre, along the connection between Lloyd George Avenue with Herbert Street and Tyndall Street.


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