BREAKING: Cardiff University announces all schools to switch to online teaching

ENCAP is moving to remote teaching. Will other Schools follow suit? Source: Stan Zurek (via Wikimedia Commons)

By Charlotte King

At 17:00 this afternoon, students in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy (ENCAP) received an email stating that the Vice-Chancellor, Colin Riordan, has confirmed that Cardiff University is moving to remote teaching “immediately”, with an overall aim to have all teaching online by Monday March 23. The University remains open.

The move comes as a number of other universities across the country have adopted similar measures in an attempt to combat the spread of Covid-19 including the Cardiff School of Medicine announcing that certain assessments for fourth year Medicine students had been postponed indefinitely.

The email informed students that the University aims to have as much teaching as is possible online by Monday, March 23, with seminars, lectures and tutorials being moved online, and that students do not need to attend any classes which may run this week. This was then confirmed by a message sent by the Vice Chancellor to all Heads of Schools this afternoon which read.:

“As concern deepens around Coronavirus this is an update to reassure all of you that we have been working hard over the weekend and anticipate confirming tomorrow a planned move to support remote learning and teaching where possible. We recognise that schools will need time to adjust, and we are extremely grateful for all the work done to date.

“We will be finalising our expectations tomorrow but are planning to phase out face to face teaching as fast as possible, with almost all content covered remotely from Monday 23rd, March. Any student concerned about face to face teaching must be reassured that they are under no pressure to attend lectures or classes in person.  Colleagues who wish to work remotely are asked to discuss arrangements with their line manager.

“Our approach is precautionary at the moment. As of writing we have no confirmed cases of Coronavirus and we have no plans to close in the sense of a full shut down, nor have we been told to close. The University will remain open but we will work in a different way.

“We are no longer in a ‘business as usual’ mode. Instead we are seeking to meet our teaching and research goals in new ways. I am more than happy for you to pass this message on to staff and students as suits your particular circumstances.

“I would personally like to thank everyone for the extraordinary hard work going into our contingency plans. I am deeply concerned for students and all staff at the University and we will be in touch again tomorrow morning.”

The official statement from the Vice Chancellor can be found here.

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