Britain’s ginger sweetheart

Pictured: Ed Sheeran has become loved by the nation. (Source: Mark Kent via Flickr)

By Sarah Harris

Ed Sheeran. British icon. Ginger legend. Man of the hour. I bet if I told you that tomorrow you could be anyone for the day you would choose Ed Sheeran (you probably wouldn’t but oh well). I mean why wouldn’t you want to be? The singer/songwriter currently has a whopping 16 songs in the UK top 20. In case you hadn’t already heard, that’s his whole album. Some radio stations in the UK have even vowed to stop playing the artists tracks from his new album ‘Divide’ over the following weeks as his domination in the charts is apparently a ‘joke.’ Quite frankly, I find it inspiring and admirable that the self-made artist has managed to build himself such a loving and devoted fan base since the release of his first hit album ‘+’ in 2011.

Artists who’ve collaborated with Sheeran, from T Swift to the One Direction boys, have all gushed about what a down-to-earth and genuine lad he is. Just a few weeks ago, pictures were released of him barefoot, carrying his girlfriend’s heels after a night out, whilst she walked by him in his trainers. Obviously social media blew up the next day about how this was ‘goals’ and about how everyone wanted to date someone who was like Ed Sheeran.

I think what makes Sheeran so relatable and loved by the British public, apart from his outstanding ability to lend his girlfriend his shoes, is his attachment to his roots. After the release of his first album, Sheeran purchased a farm on the outskirts of Suffolk and revealed to the media that he did so in hope of starting and raising a family there. Just like they all do however, Sheeran currently resides in the US, switching his time between LA and Tennessee.

The song ‘Castle on the Hill’, featured on his latest album is about Framlingham Castle, in the town in which Sheeran was raised. It’s nice to see British artists so dedicated and in touch with their origins. Not only that but Sheeran does in fact seem to be a humble guy and his tweets are pretty damn funny.

Oh and his music can hit you with all the feels when you’ve just been dumped and want to listen to sad love songs and eat a whole tub of ice-cream. It’s also rumored that he will be staring in the new Game of Thrones series, which is awesome for anyone who loved the show and even more awesome if you also happen to be a Sheeran fan. So if you weren’t so sure about wanting to be Ed Sheeran for a day before, then I’m pretty sure I’ve convinced you to think differently. And hey, you can be ginger for a day if that’s something you’ve ever wanted to try?

I will end this article with perhaps the single greatest Ed Sheeran joke in history.

Why didn’t Ed Sheeran have a girlfriend? Because she ran (if you don’t get this then I am praying for you).

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