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LIVE: Cabinet Reshuffle 2019

Commentary by Sam Tilley and Lowri Pitcher

23:00 24 Jul 2019

A Final Look

Right that promises to be it so I think we’ll call it a day. Thanks for keeping up with Gair Rhydd’s coverage of the 2019 Reshuffle where we saw an unprecedented turnover of ministers. The final Cabinet looks something like this:

Prime Minister: Boris Johnson
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster: Michael Gove
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Sajid Javid
Home Secretary: Priti Patel
Foreign Secretary: Dominic Raab
Brexit Secretary: Stephen Barclay
Defence Secretary: Ben Wallace
Justice Secretary: Robert Buckland
Health Secretary: Matt Hancock
Business Secretary: Andrea Leadsom
International Trade Secretary: Liz Truss
Work and Pensions Secretary: Amber Rudd
Education Secretary: Gavin Williamson
Environment Secretary: Theresa Villiers
Housing Secretary: Robert Jenrick
Transport Secretary: Grant Shapps
Culture Secretary: Nicky Morgan
Leader of the House of Lords: Baroness Natalie Evans
Scotland Secretary: Alister Jack
Wales Secretary: Alun Cairns
Northern Ireland Secretary: Julian Smith
International Development Secretary: Alok Sharma

Also attending Cabinet
Chairperson of the Conservative Party: James Cleverly
Chief Whip: Mark Spencer
Attorney General: Geoffrey Cox
Home Office Minister: Brandon Lewis
Housing Minister: Esther McVey
Business and Education Minister: Jo Johnson
Paymaster General: Oliver Dowden

22:59 24 Jul 2019


Boris and Jo become the first siblings to serve in the same government since Ed and David Milband.

22:56 24 Jul 2019


Not one to take pity on poor journalists, Boris has appointed his brother as Minister of State for Education and Business. He will also attend Cabinet.

22:50 24 Jul 2019

A Long Day

Finger’s crossed that’s it for tonight as to be frank I’d quite like to go to bed

22:49 24 Jul 2019


Brandon Lewis is appointed Home Office Minister and will also attend Cabinet.

22:44 24 Jul 2019


Jacob Rees-Mogg is appointed Leader of the House and will also attend Cabinet.

22:42 24 Jul 2019


Esther McVey is appointed Minister of State for Housing and will also attend Cabinet

22:35 24 Jul 2019


James Cleverly is appointed Minister without Portfolio and Conservative Party Chair

22:31 24 Jul 2019

Leader of the House

The below tweet demonstrates how the new Leader of the House of Commons has less than 12 hours to read up his or her new role before being thrust into the limelight tomorrow morning.

22:07 24 Jul 2019


Rishi Sunak is appointed Chief Secretary to the Treasury and will also attend Cabinet

22:05 24 Jul 2019

Who’s left?

Jacob Rees-Mogg is currently inside Downing Street where it is highly likely he’ll be offered the job of Leader of the House of Commons. Other MPs inside Number 10 include Rishi Sunuk, James Cleverly, Esther McVey, Brandon Lewis and Boris’ brother Jo Johnson – a people’s vote supporter.

21:55 24 Jul 2019


Geoffrey Cox stays on as Attorney General and will attend Cabinet

21:53 24 Jul 2019


The following ministers managed to hang on to their Cabinet jobs this afternoon:

  • Amber Rudd (Work and Pensions)
  • Matt Hancock (Health)
  • Alun Cairns (Wales)
  •  Baroness Evans (Leader of the Lords)
  • Geoffrey Cox (Attorney General)
  • Stephen Barclay (Brexit)

And Sajid Javid, Liz Truss and Julian Smith remain in Cabinet albeit in different roles

21:40 24 Jul 2019


Baroness Natalie Evans stays on as Leader of the House of Lords

21:32 24 Jul 2019


Alister Jack has been appointed as Scotland Secretary

21:30 24 Jul 2019


Julian Smith remains in Cabinet but switches from Chief Whip to Northern Ireland Secretary

21:24 24 Jul 2019


Alun Cairns remains as Wales Secretary

21:13 24 Jul 2019


Grant Shapps appointed Transport Secretary

21:08 24 Jul 2019


Alok Sharma joins the Cabinet as International Development Secretary

21:00 24 Jul 2019


Robert Buckland joins the Cabinet as Justice Secretary

20:46 24 Jul 2019


Amber Rudd retains her job as Work and Pensions Secretary and regains the Women and Equalities Ministry

20:39 24 Jul 2019


Robert Jenrick joins the Cabinet as Housing Secretary

20:31 24 Jul 2019


Nicky Morgan returns to Cabinet as Culture Secretary

20:27 24 Jul 2019


Gavin Williamson returns to Cabinet as Education Secretary

20:25 24 Jul 2019


Andrea Leadsom returns to Cabinet as Business Secretary

20:15 24 Jul 2019

No Deal Brexit

It looks like Michael Gove will also be responsible for all No-Deal preparations as that brief has been stripped from the Brexit Department. Complete U-turn from the policy enacted as May

20:12 24 Jul 2019


Theresa Villiers returns to Cabinet as Environment Secretary

20:01 24 Jul 2019

What’s happened so far?

  •  Boris Johnson is leading a complete overhaul of the Cabinet with 17 ministers either getting the sack or resigning
  • Sajid Javid is the new Chancellor, Dominic Raab to the Foreign Office and Priti Patel to Home Secretary
  • Liz Truss, Ben Wallace and Michael Gove promoted to International Trade, Defence and the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster respectively
  • Matt Hancock and Stephen Barclay remain in post as Health and Brexit Secretaries
  • Other expected potential ministers include Andrea Leadsom (Business), Theresa Villiers (Environment), Amber Rudd (Work and Pensions), Alun Cairns (Wales) and Nicky Morgan (Culture) with Rishi Sunak, Robert Jenrick and Gavin Williamson expecting to also pick up jobs
  • Jacob Rees Mogg lined up to become Leader of the House of Commons

19:55 24 Jul 2019


Matt Hancock has been reappointed as Health Secretary

19:31 24 Jul 2019


Liz Truss has been appointed International Trade Secretary

19:25 24 Jul 2019


Ben Wallace has been appointed Defence Secretary

19:20 24 Jul 2019

What is the Duchy of Lancaster?

Gove’s duties as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster are to basically keep the function of government going; a rather tricky job in the current circumstances. All in all, it’s a big promotion for the former Environment Secretary.

19:13 24 Jul 2019


Michael Gove has been appointed Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster

19:02 24 Jul 2019

Job Retention

It’s looking like that, alongside Barclay, only Amber Rudd and Alun Cairns will retain their jobs in the new administration.

19:00 24 Jul 2019


Stephen Barclay has retained his job as Brexit Secretary

18:53 24 Jul 2019


Dominic Raab has been appointed Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State

18:52 24 Jul 2019

Who is in Number Ten?

Liz Truss is heavily rumoured for a move to the Business Department and is currently meeting with Boris. Michael Gove and Ben Wallace looking likely for International Trade and Defence Secretary respectively.

18:45 24 Jul 2019


Priti Patel has been appointed Home Secretary

18:41 24 Jul 2019

BME Representation

Sajid Javid becomes the first BME politician to take on the role of Chancellor

18:35 24 Jul 2019


Sajid Javid has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer

18:35 24 Jul 2019


Only Boris Johnson and Mark Spencer (as Chief Whip) have been confirmed appointments so far – look out for some big announcements over the next 30 minutes

18:27 24 Jul 2019

The most brutal reshuffle of all?

Many commentators are now reluctant to describe this evening’s activities as a reshuffle and are describing it as more akin to a formation of an entirely new government which of course it technically is.

18:22 24 Jul 2019

Previous Experience

Both Dominic Raab and Priti Patel are rumoured to be returning to the Cabinet and in high office to boot. Raab resigned from his role as Brexit Secretary citing strong disagreements with the Withdrawal Agreement in November 2018. Patel was sacked her previous role as International Development Secretary in November 2017 for meeting Israeli officials unbeknownst to the Foreign Office which, rather ironically, was then headed by Boris Johnson.

18:19 24 Jul 2019

The most brutal reshuffle of all?

James Brokenshire (the former Housing Secretary) has been at the front of Boris’ leadership campaign and has always vigorously defended his man; even as recently as this morning. Come 18:00 and, just like sixteen of his former colleagues, he is out in the cold.

18:11 24 Jul 2019


Mel Stride has been sacked as Leader of the House of Commons

18:04 24 Jul 2019


Clare Perry has resigned as Energy and Climate Change Minister – she’s moving to become the President of COP26

18:01 24 Jul 2019

Hunt to the backbenches

Jeremy Hunt was allegedly offered Defence Secretary again but refused saying he “didn’t want to take Penny Mordaunt’s job”.

17:59 24 Jul 2019


The Big One: Jeremy Hunt has been sacked as Foreign Secretary

17:56 24 Jul 2019


Jeremy Wright has been sacked as Culture Secretary

17:57 24 Jul 2019

Patel to Home?

Priti Patel has just gone into Downing Street – she’s hotly tipped for Home Secretary

17:56 24 Jul 2019


David Mundell has been sacked as Scotland Secretary

17:54 24 Jul 2019

Where is Jeremy Hunt?

In the chaos of all of this, no one really seems to know what’s going on with Jeremy Hunt. He was spotted walking with his wife in Parliament so we’re assuming he’s seen Johnson but no word yet on whether he’ll be joining all of his supporters (bar Amber Rudd) on the backbenchers

17:47 24 Jul 2019

Saj to Number 11?

Looking very likely that Sajid Javid will be the new Chancellor

17:33 24 Jul 2019

The running tally

So far then, Boris Johnson has sacked 11 cabinet ministers; including one of his own supporters (James Brokenshire). Spare a thought for Caroline Noakes who found out she was fired via Twitter.

17:31 24 Jul 2019


Well this is spectacularly brutal

17:29 24 Jul 2019


Karen Bradley has been sacked as Northern Ireland Secretary

17:28 24 Jul 2019


James Brokenshire has been sacked as Housing Secretary

17:17 24 Jul 2019


Caroline Noakes has been sacked as Immigration Minister

17:15 24 Jul 2019


Damian Hinds has been sacked as Education Secretary

17:14 24 Jul 2019


Chris Grayling has resigned as Transport Secretary

17:06 24 Jul 2019


Greg Clark has been sacked as Business Secretary.

16:57 24 Jul 2019


Dr Liam Fox has been sacked as International Trade Secretary.

16:51 24 Jul 2019


Literally as I typed that, Penny Mordaunt has been sacked as Defence Secretary.

16:48 24 Jul 2019

Women in Cabinet

After a lot of criticism over the amount of women in Theresa May’s cabinet; Boris Johnson is likely to bring in a number of female figures in order to drive the number up from the existing five. With Amber Rudd and Penny Mordaunt likely to retain their seats at the table; Johnson is looking to promote Liz Truss from her current position as Chief Secretary to the Treaury and is also looking to bring Esther McVey and Priti Patel back into cabinet.

16:36 24 Jul 2019

The Jeremy Hunt Question

As per Steven Swinford of the Telegraph, Jeremy Hunt was offered the role of Defence Secretary last night but turned it down.

16:34 24 Jul 2019

Who’s going into Number 11?

With the resignation of Philip Hammond this afternoon, the second most powerful office in government has been left vacant. The race for Number 11 appears to be, on the face of it, between current Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liz Truss and Home Secretary Sajid Javid. Both are seen as a capable pair of hands and the appointment likely depends on the status of Jeremy Hunt. Speaking of whom……

16:28 24 Jul 2019

You’re fired!

Usual protocol is that ministers who are being dismissed are told via phone call and that only incoming ministers are allowed to make the famous walk up Downing Street. It appears that Boris is doing it slightly differently and is meeting with those who he is likely to get rid of.

16:26 24 Jul 2019

Fresh blood

A reminder that the following offices are currently vacant within the Cabinet:

  • Chancellor of the Exchequer
  • Minister for the Cabinet Office
  • Secretary of State for Justice
  • Secretary of State for International Development

16:07 24 Jul 2019

Revolving doors

The next job on the list for the new Prime Minister is to appoint – and in some cases fire – his cabinet.

16:03 24 Jul 2019

“The work starts now”

The Prime Minister promises to prepare in the “remote” case of a no-deal Brexit and tells those who argue against Brexit to “stop betting against this country”. He indicates that there will be a ‘no-deal’ budget in September to prepare for Brexit. He promises to “change the record” after three years of self-doubt. He finishes by saying that the “work starts right now”.

16:00 24 Jul 2019

“The awesome foursome”

Boris promises to be a “Prime Minister for the whole United Kingdom” and that the “buck stops here” when it comes to the Northern Irish backstop. He touches upon fibre optic broadband, wage increases and the housing crisis before promising to restore pride to the “red, white and blue” flag. Johnson guarantees the security of the 3 million EU nationals and ensures they will have the right to remain.

15:59 24 Jul 2019

Boris’ first speech

Boris opens by praising Theresa May’s determination although notes that there are “pessimists” who don’t believe in Brexit. Johnson wants to uphold the principle of democracy and vows to leave the EU on October 31 “no ifs not buts”. He wants to do a new deal based on “free trade and mutual support”. He says his job is to serve “you, the people” and that the “people are our bosses”. He vows to increase police numbers on the street, decrease GP waiting times and plans to upgrade 20 hospitals this week. He also promises to fix the crisis in social care, so families don’t have to sell their houses and to up the level of per-pupil funding to ensure all children have an equal education.

15:50 24 Jul 2019

Allies gather round for Boris’ first speech

As Boris makes his way back to Number 10, here’s the official confirmation from the Royal Family.

15:46 24 Jul 2019

Allies gather round for Boris’ first speech

Boris Johnson’s girlfriend Carrie Symonds is waiting upon the steps of Number 10 alongside Sir Edward Lister and the rest of the Prime Minister’s allies and staff. The new Prime Minister has just left the Palace and is on his way back to Downing Street to give his first public address.

15:39 24 Jul 2019

Prime Minister Johnson

The Prime Minister is now expected back in Number 10 to give his first speech as PM. Then this afternoon will be filled by appointing the members of his cabinet.

15:34 24 Jul 2019


Boris Johnson has been appointed by the Queen as the 55th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

15:32 24 Jul 2019

Ummm… who is currently in charge?

One of the weird perks of our political system is that in the gap between Theresa May’s resignation and Boris Johnson’s appointment, the UK has no Prime Minister or, by extension, a government. Boris is still in with the Queen although his allies are already crowding around Downing Street ready for the big entrance.

15:17 24 Jul 2019

Boris Johnson enters the Palace

Boris Johnson has entered Buckingham Palace in order to meet the Queen and to be appointed Prime Minister.

15:09 24 Jul 2019

Theresa May resigns

Official confirmation that the Queen has accepted the resignation of Theresa May

15:08 24 Jul 2019

Climate Protesters strike against Boris

And in one of the more bizarre sights of today, climate protesters have blocked off the Mall to Boris’ car. The police outriders were having none of it however and quickly dispersed them.

15:04 24 Jul 2019


Theresa May has resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

14:54 24 Jul 2019

May’s Chief of Staff Resigns

Gavin Barwell, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff also resigned today. Barwell used to be a Conservative MP until the 2017 General Election where he lost his seat of Croydon Central.

14:39 24 Jul 2019

David Gauke Resigns

David Gauke’s resignation letter in full.

14:33 24 Jul 2019

To the Palace

Theresa May is now taking the short trip to Buckingham Palace to formally resign to the Queen.

14:30 24 Jul 2019

The final speech

Theresa congratulates Boris on his victory yesterday and states that his achievements will be “our country’s achievements”. She praises the economy but also says that there is a lot that remains to be done – especially Brexit. She thanks her colleagues in government and parliament; in addition to the civil service, the armed forces and the security services. Finally, Theresa thanks the British people “for putting your faith in me and for giving me a chance to serve”. Theresa May ends her premiership by thanking her husband Philip and promising to serve her constituents in Maidenhead.

14:25 24 Jul 2019

At the lectern

Theresa May is now giving her speech, accompanied by her husband Philip.

14:22 24 Jul 2019


David Lidington has resigned as Minister for the Cabinet Office.


14:20 24 Jul 2019

One Final Opportunity

Theresa May is about to leave Number 10 for the last time and give her final address as Prime Minister. She’s expected to personally reflect back upon her three years in office. Her final act as Prime Minister was to have tea in the terraced gardens with her husband Philip May. As is tradition, she will be clapped out of Number 10 by her staff – a number of whom will also be leaving today.

14:03 24 Jul 2019

Where is the Queen?

Theresa May and Boris Johnson both need to visit the Queen this afternoon but as Her Majesty has numerous residences across the country, it’s not always certain just where she’s living. Usually at this time in the year, she would be up in Balmoral Castle in Scotland however due to the events of the past month she has elected to stay in Windsor Castle. In the past few minutes, she has arrived at Buckingham Palace ready to accept the resignation of Theresa May.

14:00 24 Jul 2019

All change in the Other Place

It’s not just members of the Commons who are resigning today, the Chief Whip in the House of Lords has just resigned with Sky’s Political Correspondent Kate McCann reporting that others are “likely to follow”

13:56 24 Jul 2019

Who’s in?

As the Cabinet exodus begins, it’s a good idea to look at who might be replacing them. Dominic Raab, Esther McVey and Priti Patel are believed to all be making returns to the Cabinet; with the former tipped for Foreign Secretary and the latter for the Home Department. Allies of Boris Johnson like Jake Berry and Conor Burns are believed to be getting promotions as a reward for backing Johnson from the start. Johnson is also looking to increase BAME representation with the appointments of Alok Sharma and Rishi Sunak expected. Finally, old Conservative heavyweights like Iain Duncan Smith and David Davis are also believed to be in the running for vacant Cabinet jobs.

13:34 24 Jul 2019

Philip Hammond resigns

Philip Hammond’s resignation letter in full

13:36 24 Jul 2019


David Gauke has officially resigned as Justice Secretary

13:34 24 Jul 2019


Philip Hammond has officially resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer

13:27 24 Jul 2019


Rory Stewart has officially resigned as International Development Secretary

13:20 24 Jul 2019

What about Jeremy Hunt?

It is widely believed that the extent of the reshuffle depends on what happens to current Foreign Secretary and former Leadership contender Jeremy Hunt. He is believed to have told friends that he will only accept the jobs of Chancellor, Foreign Secretary or Deputy Prime Minister however, as of last night, Johnson was only believed to have offered him Defence Secretary; a position he declined. Following the size of the majority that Johnson won yesterday, it wouldn’t come as a great surprise for the new Prime Minister to sack Hunt and for him to return to the backbenches for the first time since 2010.

13:10 24 Jul 2019

Who’s out?

With Boris appointing his cabinet this afternoon, there are a number of existing ministers who are unlikely to carry on under Johnson. Justice Secretary David Gauke and International Development Secretary Rory Stewart have already signalled their intention to resign today; as has the Chancellor Phillip Hammond. Other Cabinet ministers likely to be at risk include the Business Secretary Greg Clark, Cabinet Office Minister David Lidington, Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley and Education Secretary Damien Hinds.

13:04 24 Jul 2019

The end of an era

PMQs finishes up with the Mother of the House, Harriet Harman, praising Theresa May for being a female leader and for her record of public service. Theresa May, in her final speech at the ballot box, hopes that there are future female leaders currently serving in the Commons. She signs off by saying that her duty to serve her constituents will remain her greatest motivation. She leaves the Chamber to the applause from her own side and selected others on the Opposition benches.

12:53 24 Jul 2019

Old enemies offer up praise to the Prime Minister

DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds is also being nice to Mrs May and invites her to Northern Ireland to experience the many walking routes present in the region. He is followed by arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg who praises her “great public service” and her temperament when dealing with people who “must have annoyed her” – almost certainly referring to himself.

12:46 24 Jul 2019

New Chief Whip announced yesterday

The only appointment made yesterday was Mark Spencer MP as Chief Whip. Spencer, MP for Sherwood, voted remain in 2016 but is well liked throughout the party and his appointment was celebrated by both Brexiteers and Remainers yesterday. The Chief Whip’s job is to ensure that members of the government’s party attend and vote in the way that the government desires which, as you can imagine, is a rather tricky job in the current circumstances.

12:35 24 Jul 2019

What’s happening today?

  • Theresa May is finishing her last session of PMQs as Prime Minister before giving her final speech outside of Number 10 later.
  • She will then visit the Queen and formally tend her resignation.
  • Boris Johnson will officially become Prime Minister later this afternoon following the summons by the Queen. He will then give his first speech outside Number 10.
  • Johnson will then appoint his top team this evening; a process that is likely to see a lot of change within the cabinet

12:23 24 Jul 2019

SNP have their say

The SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford is surprisingly gracious towards the Prime Minister but, as is becoming the norm today, turned on the Prime Minister-elect. He also announced that he has tabled a motion to prevent Parliament from being shut down until November and calls upon Theresa May to support it.

12:16 24 Jul 2019

Testy Affair at final PMQs

Theresa May ends her last exchange with Jeremy Corbyn by suggesting that she was able to work out when her time was up and that, maybe “it is time for him to do the same”.

12:08 24 Jul 2019

A New Era

Usually the final PMQ session is a bit of a light hearted look-back at their time of office – Tony Blair was famously applauded at the end of his. Theresa May is unlikely to receive that honour given the rather testy start this afternoon. The theme today appears to be criticising Boris Johnson and his track record on Brexit and the Foreign Office.

12:00 24 Jul 2019

A New Era

Welcome to Gair Rhydd’s coverage of the 2019 Cabinet Reshuffle. After Boris Johnson was elected Conservative Party leader yesterday, he will take up the role of Prime Minister officially later this afternoon and will begin appointing his cabinet this evening. Theresa May is currently partaking in her final PMQ session before resigning in a few hours time.

12:00 23 Jul 2019

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Come back at 12:30 on Wednesday for Gair Rhydd’s coverage of the 2019 Cabinet Reshuffle

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