Cake or break for GBBO: Move to channel 4 announced

The Great British Bake Off will move to Channel 4 after the current series ends. (Source: Scott Beale via Flickr)

By Phoebe Grinter

The nation is in emotional turmoil as we learn that our beloved Great British Bake Off is moving from its home on the BBC to Channel 4 next year.

With this decision to move comes the disbandment of the awesome foursome of Mel, Sue, Paul and Mary. With a heavy heart we accept the decision of the show’s crowning glory Mel and Sue to not go-with-the-dough on this decision. The pair were said to have been ‘shocked and saddened’ to learn that the Bake Off will be moving from its ‘home’ on the BBC, who have nurtured the show and helped it attract an audience of almost 15 million at its peak. I think we all agree that the Bake Off without the BBC would be like bread without yeast: flat, tasteless, and just plain wrong.

National treasure Mary Berry has also decided she won’t be joining the show on Channel 4. Is there really any point in them even trying now?! The 81 year old legend has said she will not move to Channel 4 because of her ‘loyalty to the BBC’. Mary explained in her official statement how it has been a ‘privilege and honour to be part of seven years of magic in a tent’. Could she get any cuter? Mary is currently paid £500,000 to be on the show with the BBC, and it is understood that she turned down a whopping £7million offer from Channel 4! Now that’s loyalty.

On the other hand, Paul Hollywood has chosen money over morals and has agreed a three-year deal for an alleged £1.2million, which is likely to rise to £3.5milliion after endorsements. He now joins the long list of BBC exes who have betrayed not only the BBC but the nation for big money deals on commercial channels. Maybe in a few years, when his career is well truly and over, we’ll see Paul on ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ or ‘Big Brother’ and then hopefully he’ll see the error of his ways.

People of Britain have taken to various social media sites to vent their feelings towards the move, with the general idea being why on earth would Channel 4 be willing to spend so much on the show without first making sure that the people who made it such a success were going with it? There have also been articles that mock the decision to move to Channel 4, such as one based on the rumour that not only has the show lost Mel, Sue and Mary (three key ingredients), but that the dynamic duo Eggs and Flour (arguably even more important) announce they aren’t moving to Channel 4 either.

The BBC lost the rights to the Bake Off after the programme maker Love Productions agreed a three-year deal with Channel 4, which was worth a reported £75million. Yes, that’s right: £75million for a tent and Paul Hollywood!

After the embarrassing flop that was Top Gear, you’d think the industry would have learnt by now that you cannot continue a show without the same team behind it that we have grown to know and love. A glimmer of hope in all this is that a source from the BBC has hinted at a possible new baking show to rival the Bake Off: ‘We’ve got three of the fab four staying with us. We’re thrilled. The chances of us reuniting Mary, Mel and Sue are very high.’ *screams internally*

So the big question is will Channel 4 rise to the occasion like a perfectly baked crème brûlée, or will the ratings go flat as a pancake?

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