Cardiff artist teams up with charity to help homeless

By Harry Webster

A well-known Cardiff street artist has teamed up with the charity Huggard, in launching a new project seeking to get homeless people into work by teaching them creative skills.

Kyle Legall, from Cardiff’s Butetown district, is leading the homeless charity’s new ‘sm-Art initiative’, which will provide workshops in art and music in an attempt to further participants’ job prospects.

The work produced under the initiative will then be exhibited at the charity’s Café ‘H’ on Dumballs road, promoting the contributors developing skills, while also being available for purchase.

Mr Legall, who in 2013 became the first recipient of the National Theatre Wales Artist of the Year award, then going on to become their artist-in-residence, will have his work used at the launch.

It is also hope that some of the works produced under the initiative will be used to decorate the centre.

A spokesperson for the charity said: “The Butetown artist has produced much of Cardiff’s most eye-catching urban art and commissioned graffiti, and his skills in animation, music, storytelling and graphic design make him an ideal collaborator for the Huggard Centre’s plans to develop in-house creative workshops.”

The Huggard Centre’s Café H was opened in June 2014.

Huggard’s chief executive Richard Edward’s said of the café: “Customers at Café H make a tangible difference by actively supporting ethical trading, and funding the wider work of Huggard within the local Cardiff community and outlying areas.

“Since opening, Café H customers have also been sponsoring much appreciated free meals for homeless people through our loyalty card, which provides a free meal to a person in need for every 10 cups of coffee bought.”

In the last year Huggard has provided 826 people with accommodation, and provided 804 homeless people with training and development sessions. The organisation also claims to have gained £1.5million in benefits for people who were previously reliant on begging for their income.

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