Cardiff bus service operated at a loss last year

Cardiff Bus: The company has operated at a loss of nearly £2 million in the year 2017-2018. Source: Jeremy Segrott via Flickr

By Yasmin Begum

Cardiff Bus, which is owned and run by Cardiff Council, is the largest bus company of its kind in Cardiff, additionally serving the areas of Penarth of Barry in the wider area. Despite existing solely because of public subsidy of the service, Cardiff Bus have refused to articulate clearly where a £1.9 million pound shortfall last year came from. It has also come to light that Cardiff Bus Company have not filed their accounts for the financial year ending on March 31st, over six months ago.

Cardiff is now the second fastest growing city in the United Kingdom after London, making the loss more pronounced. It would makes sense that the Cardiff Bus services would be more frequently used, given notoriously poor inner-city train provision in Cardiff but over the past 3 years, transport has changed in the city with NAT group launching the X1 and other cross-city services. This has forced Cardiff Bus into adapting bus routes to compete.

It is possible that the service may suffer further because of the launch of Next Bike this year, which has been done to potentially transform how people travel in Cardiff. Whatever the reasons are for the financial loss, Cardiff Bus is likely to be held accountable for this shortfall and is facing pressure from people and politicians to reveal the details of the £1.9 million loss which has been suffered. It is likely that the service will have to be supported and continue making changes to its operations while transport is being innovated in the city.