Cardiff City Council creates massive energy saving

Photo credit: Philips Lighting

By Emma Videan

Cardiff City Council is taking a major step towards becoming a smart city and reducing its carbon footprint, by installing more than 14,000 connected LED streetlights. This system will reduce electricity for lighting by 60%, saving more than £750,000 per year while supporting safety measures and the security of citizens. The project was put forward following public consultation and will offer digital infrastructure for future smart city services.

The company that will be installing this lighting system is Philips Lighting, who has announced that Cardiff will be its 1000th project. The network of streetlights, that are controlled remotely, can be dimmed or brightened at any given moment, including on the request of brighter lighting outside the homes of those with visual or hearing impairments. Cardiff joins the systems of that in Amsterdam, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles.

Chris Jones, Lead Electrical Officer at Cardiff City Council, said, “We looked at a broad range of factors when selecting our new lighting system. Our top priorities were to ensure maximum benefit for our citizens and capitalize on potential cost and energy savings”.

The installation of over 14,000 LED lights has almost been completed, and everything was chosen based on public consultation due to the impact that street lighting has on the 360,000 residents and 20 million yearly visitors of Cardiff.

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