Cardiff Enters the World Top 100 Universities

Cardiff Skyline Photo credit: George Watkins
Behind Bristol, but far ahead of Swansea

By Emma Videan

On the 15 August 2017, the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities placed Cardiff University at 99th in the world in it’s annual ranking. It reached this point with a joint score with the University of Arizona.

While 2016’s official score wasn’t released, the university was only ranked between 101-150, whereas this year it broke through the top 100 with a score of 25.9, only 0.1 behind the 98th position. Not only has the university reached the top 100, but it has been ranked 9th best in the country, which is definitely something to celebrate about!

In order to find the scores of the universities, several indicators including highly cited researchers, papers published in Nature and/or Science and alumni or staff winning Nobel Prizes and Field Medals. For each of the indicators the highest scoring institution is given a score of 100 and all others are calculated as a percentage of the top score. Each indicator has a weighted percentage of 10 or 20%, which when added creates the institutions total score. If you’ve followed that well done!

The United Kingdom had only 8 universities in the top 100 rankings, including Cardiff University. In comparison, Swansea University ranked 601-700 however the University of Bristol ranked 61st. With improvements being made year on year, the potential of the University grows – maybe it will make the top 50 one year.

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