Cardiff Housing Experiences

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Brad: I’ve been with CPS. They were pretty disorganised and their rent was a bit steep

Louis: I went to look around houses for this year with CPS. They took us into a house they thought they were letting out, but it turns out she’d taken us to the wrong house, two doors up from the one we were meant to be viewing. The house was nice, but I’m not sure it was actually up for rent.

Josie: The first agency we went to was 2 Let 2 but changed to a private landlord. They proved good for getting our deposit back, but because it wasn’t through an agency, the maintenance wasn’t great. I also tried Imperial, who tried to be helpful but failed to get anything done quick enough.

George: I found my house with Cardiff Student Letting. Not having agency fees really helped, and my landlady has been involved and very caring.

Maria: I’ve had experiences with three different housing agencies, but think the best was with Moginie James, because they were really helpful with any problems and text you with good warning for house viewings.They ask you to get housing insurance too, which is frustrating but useful in the long run.

Ellise: I had a bad experience with student housing because my landlord did not protect my deposit in a government protected scheme. This would have meant I may have struggled to get my deposit back, however I did some research and held a meeting with the landlord, who gave me 2 months of free rent and my deposit back immediately.put in after ‘i did some research’ that ‘and found out I may be entitled for up to three months of free rent if a deposit is not protected. Thus I arranged a meeting with the landlord, who after hearing my argument agreed to 2 months of free rent and a refund of my deposit.

Sophie: I’ve been with CPS who did nothing to fix the broken gutter outside my bedroom until my clothes and bedding were growing mould on a regular basis and I got sick, so they finally moved me out for ‘two weeks tops’ and took the bed apart and moved a cement mixer in, and then 2 months later I was homeless and they still demanded full rent for the 2 months. I was unable to sleep or store anything in a bedroom, they at last dropped it to half rent, but I didn’t have for a room I couldn’t use so I tried to find someone else to fill my contract. They were as unhelpful as possible, dragging it out for months and charging me. They paid me swapping name on contract fees (costly again) and then refused to give me any deposit back, but thankfully I had all my pictures and got it all back. I also went with Horizon. They were reasonable, and didn’t bother us, but they were equally slow to repair things. Their receptionists were difficult. I had to contact them over 80 times via phone and email and in person (I counted) and then finally got most of my deposit back except a tenner.

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