Cardiff student to virtually run Route 66 as a fundraiser

The fundraiser follows the 2448 miles of Route 66. Source: Pixabay: Jeff Wigal

By Luthien Evans | News Editor

Cardiff University student Saffron Corbyn is running the length of Route 66 in 66 weeks for a fundraiser. The total distance of the challenge totals at 2448 miles. This impressive feat equates to running near to a marathon and a half every week of the challenge. The fundraiser began on August 17 and is expected to finish November 22, 2021. Corbyn is raising the money for the non-profit group, Make a Smile for which she is an active member. 

The passion project stemmed for her love of Make a Smile. Corbyn is an active volunteer with the group. She also is a board and committee member, with the fundraiser being an extension of her commitment to the non-profit. 

The passion project is derived from two years of volunteering with Make a Smile, from participating in play therapy sessions to paediatric visits- the non-profit has greatly impacted Corbyn. 

Saffron Corbyn has previously run marathons in her free time
Corbyn has previously run marathons in her free time. Source: Saffron Corbyn

Make a Smile is a non-profit that enables volunteers to visit children’s hospitals and disability centres dressed as childhood heroes- the volunteers can become superheroes, princesses or wizards, with a vast wardrobe available to cater for a diverse range of children. Corbyn states that the magic that the volunteers bring to these children helps to give them ‘the childhood they deserve’. Make a Smile train their volunteers in British Sign Language to autism awareness to create the magic. 

Corbyn set up a Gofundme fundraiser for the project. She states ‘every penny raised helps them bring more characters to life and more smiles to children’s faces’. As of September 15, the project has raised nearly £200 that will go straight to the non-profit. The money raised will allow Make a Smile to continue the important work they do.

The fundraiser has taken this form as the ‘virtual’ running challenges have peaked during the COVID period, as many social races have been postponed

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