Cardiff University does memes (just don’t mention Taly North)

A group of Cardiff University students have had outstanding success with a facebook page devoted to memes about life at the University.

The page, which invites users to post pictures featuring their (sometimes) witty observations about the experience of being a student at Cardiff, reached over 2,000 likes in 48 hours.

On Thursday, gair rhydd spoke to the three creators of the page about what had inspired them, the overwhelming reception from other Cardiff students and their feelings about the numerous similar memes pages about other universities which had emerged since. The students wished to remain anonymous.

Asked about the popularity of the concept, SL said: “The beauty of memes is that they are built on shared experience and ideas.”

LP added: “I suppose it’s how practically everyone can relate to them. It seems to be a way to complain about things without people thinking you’re whining.”

In response to the observation that the Cardiff page had inspired, a host of copycat versions from other institutions, DFB said: “I guess it goes to show Cardiff’s typically trailblazing attitude towards life. From academia to sport to bad internet jokes, there is a conscious decision to be the first and to be the best.”

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