Cardiff University falls in World University Rankings

By Emma Ogao

Cardiff University is slipping in university league tables, falling 25 places in The Times Higher Education World Rankings, 16 places in The Guardian University league tables, and 8 places in the QS World Rankings for 2019.

Cardiff’s biggest fall is in The Times Higher Education (THE) World Rankings, where the university fell from 162nd in the world to 187th in the world – a 25 position drop that has landed it in joint place with the KTH Institute of Technology.

Commenting on the University’s new ranking, a Cardiff University spokesperson said: “Our result in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings is a little disappointing”.

“However, league tables should always be treated with a level of caution. We do not allow ourselves to be driven by them, but it’s important to understand how we fare”

As one of the most watched university league tables in the world, The Times uses powerful indicators such as teaching, research, international outlook and industry outcome to analyse over 1200 higher education institutions and “reveal the most powerful university brands globally”. This year, Oxford and Cambridge University take positions one and two respectively. An emerging trend however is that several British Universities are slipping down the rankings, quickly being overtaken by their American and Asian counterparts.

Phil Baty, THE’s editorial director of global rankings, describes this trend as “worrying”, noting that “the damage could be significant” if UK universities continue to descend in the league tables.

“The UK has some of the most prestigious universities in the world, admired across continents” adds Baty, “But their status is in no way guaranteed.

“This should give pause for serious thought as the country seeks to champion its status as ‘global Britain’ in a post-Brexit world.”

Despite the plummet, Cardiff University has managed to see an increase in applicants, as well as an increase in the number of full time students enrolled. This rise in intake strongly suggests that Cardiff University still remains a popular choice amongst both overseas and national students.

Cardiff University also fell 16 spots in The Guardian League table, which are heavily centred around student satisfaction. Although only a small decline in points, this hints at a potential growing dissatisfaction within the student body over the course of the last academic year.

“Our recently published five-year strategy gives a clear commitment to be a top 100 university in the world and the top 20 in the UK. This is an ambitious and exacting standard, and we remain fully focused and committed to achieving this” says a Cardiff University spokesperson.

Results of this strategy can already be seen with the Cardiff School of Music being ranked 7th place in The Times Good University Guide 2019. This is the highest position the school has held in recent years. The school also scored a whooping student satisfaction rate of 98 percent in The National Student Survey, and an unbeatable employment rate of 100 percent for 2017 graduates.

Cardiff University says it remains “fully focussed” and “committed” to gaining back its position in the world rankings, stating that “It’s crucial that Wales has a University ranked amongst the world’s best”.

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