Cardiff University main building transformed for TV show

The main building was transformed for a TV show
Cardiff University once again becomes the set for a TV show. Source: Colin Smith (via Geograph)

By Luthien Evans | News Editor

On November 25 the main building of Cardiff University was transformed into a colonial era building for the filming of Sky One’s A Discovery of Witches.

The TV show is produced by Sky TV and Bad Wolf Productions. Previous seasons of A Discovery of Witches have also been produced and filmed in Wales. From the Welsh branch of Pinewood Studios and Wolf Studios in Cardiff. Scenery has also been used of the Brecon Beacons in the show.

Workers were seen amending the set on November 25 to create the scenery and set pieces. The replication of the architecture common to southern US cities like New Orleans. The set was improved with the addition of fake greenery to the winter trees located at the Main Building.

A Discovery of Witches is a Sky TV show based on the book series of the same name by Deborah Harkness. The show follows a historian who discovers a bewitched manuscript and is then taken into a world of magic. The show stars actors such as Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer. The second season is set to air in January 2021.

Cardiff as a film location

Cardiff University’s buildings and the surrounding areas have made television multiple times. From Sherlock to Doctor Who to big Blockbuster films.

The University Main Building was featured in the 10th season of Doctor Who. The building however was named in the show as ‘St Luke’s University, Bristol’. The city and the university have featured heavily on the BBC drama Sherlock too. Many Cardiff buildings have been masked as London properties, as well as using The National Museum masked as the ‘National Antiques Museum’ featured in season 1. The Sherlock team also turned Cardiff Student Union into a fictional hospital for season 4.

In late 2019, Mark Wahlberg was seen in Cardiff filming for a Hollywood blockbuster called Infinite. Newport Street was closed for public access and a car chase scene was supposedly filmed.

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