Cardiff University Named 6th Sportiest in the UK

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By Harvey Palmer | Sport Editor

Cardiff University has been ranked as the 6th sportiest university in the United Kingdom, according to research by PureGym.

The research ranks UK universities by the number of sports clubs offered to students, with Cardiff offering 73 different opportunities, just eight less than top-ranking Lancaster and Oxford. Cardiff University provides students with the chance to explore a variety of different sports, from lacrosse, to athletics, to ultimate frisbee.

The aim of the research was ‘to help prospective students find the right place of study for them’, as many university-aged athletes reach a stage where they are able to compete at higher levels and will use such research to guide them to the universities who are able to offer what they need in order to achieve their sporting goals.

After a tough year for sport, in which the COVID-19 pandemic shut down events and competitions, as well as many training facilities, 2021/22 provides optimism for athletes across all disciplines that this year can be more successful and, at the very least, more enjoyable. Gair Rhydd previously spoke to Maddie Elliott, president of the Cardiff University Athletics Club, who echoed this thought, stating that they ‘want to make it a year to remember’ as a lot of people ‘have missed that full year or year and a half.’

Cardiff University has produced some top-level sportspeople over the years, including former WBO and WBA light heavyweight boxing world champion Nathan Cleverly, and Olympic 1500m runner Jake Heyward, and with this new ranking as sixth sportiest UK university, they will be hoping to add to that list.

For more information on how the research was conducted, and where other universities ranked alongside Cardiff, you can use the following link:

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