BREAKING: Cardiff University Students’ Union’s EMM called off after lack of engagement

by Sam Tilley

Cardiff University Students’ Union hosted an Extra-ordinary Members Meeting in the Great Hall on Tuesday evening. It lasted for roughly 25 seconds and was quickly postponed as it became clear that the quorate limit of 500 students was not going to be reached. An estimated 150 students attended the meeting, far short of the number required for it to go ahead. The meeting will be rearranged for a later date.

There were to be three motions debated at the EMM; one proposed by Antonia Needham entitled “Cardiff SU must support further strike action”, a second put forward by James Wallice looking to set the SU’s stance towards strike action as neutral and a third put forward by Rachel May Phillips with the aim to support students during strike actions. It is expected that all three motions will return next week.

Organiser of the original petition James Wallice said “It’s genuinely a real shame to see that quoracy wasn’t reached this evening. I think it’s fair to say that those of us on both side of the debate have done everything we can to ensure our supporters turn out. Ultimately the Students Union have to take a degree of responsibility. The EMM should have received the same degree of advertisement as previous AGM’s it’s clear that this isn’t the case.

“I appreciate that Sabbatical Officers have faced a level of disruption as a result of Spring Elections and so they haven’t been able to carry out their roles, however the Student Union has a number of employees who could have stepped up to the plate and ensured that tonight’s meeting was well advertised. We’ll continue to work with the Students Union to ensure we don’t see a repeat of this evening.”

Cardiff Labour Students President Leo Holmes told Gair Rhydd “It’s clear that the students that support the strikes have shown up this evening but that students who are campaigning against the strikes have either not turned up or feel misled by the original petition. It’s clear that the majority of students support the strikes.”

Proposer of motion three Rachel May Phillips added “I’m disappointed not have the opportunity to put forward our motion to support students especially as it has arisen out of work that the Cardiff Support the Strikes has done with students over the previous weeks. However, I understand it will eventually go to Senate to hopefully get a resolution.”

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