Cardiff University students warned of “low risk of legionella”

Senghennydd Court: Students staying at Senghennydd Court Houses L, N and P have been told they will be able to return within five days. Source: Roy Haworth (via Geograph)

By Tirion Davies

Cardiff University students who have remained in Halls of Residences during the COVID-19 pandemic have received an email, which warns of a “potential low risk of legionella” within the water supply.

Within the email addressed to students who have remained in accommodation, Cardiff University stated:

“During our routine assessment of the residences buildings we identified, as a result of the low occupancy of buildings over the last few weeks, that there is a potential low risk of legionella if essential and routine remediation is not performed now.”

Students were informed they would need to temporarily move to alternative accommodation whilst the issue is being dealt with.

Three hotels in Cardiff, in addition to Cardiff Metropolitan University Residences are being used as temporary accommodation. Students have been advised to pack essentials and were told the university will cover the cost of their hotel stay.

In addition to this, Cardiff University is providing the affected students with £30 a day to cover food costs whilst they are displaced.

A Cardiff University spokesperson said:

“The presence of legionella has not been confirmed. However, as a precautionary measure we have asked students to avoid using showers and to close the lids of toilets when flushing.

“Given that some of our students will be without access to hot water and showering facilities until the necessary work has been completed we have taken the decision to temporarily move them to alternative accommodation.”

Final arrangements are being put in place and a Cardiff University spokesperson has stated most students will be moved to alternative accommodation today.

Those staying in Halls of Residences such as Senghennydd Court Houses L, N and P, in addition to Talybont South House 9 have been informed they will be able to return to their current accommodation within five days.

Some students have been told they will need to be relocated to alternative accommodation, including Talybont, for four weeks whilst the “programme of works to remedy the situation” takes place.

The university ensured the situation is in no relation to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic but remains vigilant of the need to maintain social distancing whilst students are being moved.

Cardiff University has apologised to students affected, and has expressed:

“We are acutely aware this has caused concern at an already difficult and stressful time however, we will not compromise on our students’ safety. We are sorry and have apologised to those students for the inconvenience it will cause.”

Additionally, the university has assured that “all available support” is being offered to the students affected by this incident.

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