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Jailbreak is the biggest fundraising event in the academic year for Cardiff Volunteering and we often get asked where the money raised goes. The short answer is that it helps to keep all of our 40 plus local community volunteering projects going and more! But what does that actually mean?

Some of the money goes towards transporting student volunteers to their volunteering project destination. We don’t expect students to pay for their travel while volunteering and so we either put on a minibus for larger or more out of the way projects or we reimburse bus, train, taxi fare (if a cheaper alternative), etc.

Money raised also goes towards project costs, this could be buying coolers to transport food that would have otherwise been thrown away, by the Waste Not Want Not project for the homeless at the Huggard Centre and Salvation Army bus. Or it could be used to provide the Fab 5 party planners a budget for their party’s through the year for the elderly of a care home and brighten up their day a bit. Parties have included Christmas parties, valentines and karaoke nights. More recently we have purchased storage units for the recently created ‘Periods In Poverty’ project to site in the SU building and the Heath to enable people to donate sanitary products to those in need.

We also use the funds for one off opportunities such as the recent Student Volunteering Week where we bought painting equipment in order to revamp a local primary school playground. The playground was brightened up ready for when the children returned from half term!

There are many more ways that the money raised during Jailbreak helps Cardiff Volunteering to improve the life of others and with only 2 days left to buy your Jailbreak ticket we hope that this will motivate you to sign up with a team and get fundraising! To read more and buy your ticket please visit

– Kelly Marlow

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