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The Bare Necessities

Homelessness in Cardiff is at its worst in decades. It’s not hard to walk Queen Street and see the true extent of the problem. According to the Office of...


City of stars

By Tirion Davies
Did you realise that Sherlock’s Mind Palace is actually Cardiff University’s Main Building? Or that Sarah Jane’s house from Sarah Jane...


The Future is Female

By Natalie Graham
In a world where women are still pushed to the side, Warrior Women have stepped up to the mark creating an outlet for women to flourish and...


Caerdydd and Me

Hannah Powell: Hannah enjoys an autumn day in Bute Park. Source: Natalie Graham.

By Tirion Davies and Natalie Graham

Our capital is special, between the...


Wales: land of the song

By Tirion Davies
Wales is increasingly becoming known as the land of song. With our abundance of amazing singers and bands hailing from this country, with our...


Amazing autumn trails

By Tirion Davies
Following the Cardiff University Half Marathon last weekend, there are many who have undoubtedly been inspired to get off the sofa and start...






• The United Kingdom has gone to the polls in its third general election in five years.

• Party leaders have been seen out and about casting their votes.

• Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn cast their votes in London earlier this morning.

• BBC, Sky and ITV will release their exit poll at as soon as voting closes at 22:00

• Follow all of the latest updates by using #CSMGE2019 and by listening live to Xpress Radio and CUTV.

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