Christmas display in a Llandaff garden is celebrated

Llandaff is otherwise a quiet area but has been brought to live through his Christmas display.
Llandaff, the otherwise quiet area where the Christmas display is located. Source: Michael Beckwith (via Wikimedia)

By Luthien Evans | News Editor

Following an unpredictable year, one man from Cardiff has decided to spread some Christmas cheer this year by decorating his house like that of a film set. 

Danny Hargreaves, 42, has decided to decorate the front of his house in Llandaff- bringing inspiration from various Christmas films. This has been a common attraction for the past five years, with Hargreaves going all out with festive decorations on both Christmas and Halloween. His halloween display featured tarantulas and skeletons- this display raised over £5,000 for charity. This spurred on the family to go all out for the Christmas display.

The Christmas display is a film lovers’ dream. The Llandaff garden is decorated with a crashed helicopter driven by the Grinch covered in fake snow. It has been said that these items appear overnight. Other films that are being paid homage to are Die Hard, Gremlins and Home Alone. The Gremlins can be seen scurrying all across the house.

Hargreaves owns the special effects company, Real SFX, this enables him to be able to provide such an extravagant display for those viewing. His special effects have appeared in shows like Peaky Blinders as well as Cardiff favourite Doctor Who.

Some of the items have even come from the sets of Hollywood films. Hargreaves has stated that ‘the helicopter is from The War of the Worlds’ and the car featured ‘has come straight from the latest Batman film’.

Hargreaves and his partner have been raising money for charity through the decorations. Donations will go to the children’s charity, Dreams and Wishes. He has stated that this has given him ‘some incentive to go bigger and better than ever’. As of 8 December, their fundraising page has reached almost £5000 in donations.

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