Cooking from home

Credit: Jessica C

By George Watkins

We’re approaching the troublesome time of term when the student loan is steadily vanishing like that dream of a first, and the next load doesn’t come through for another month or two. What do you do? It’s a dilemma, because you do really need to eat to survive, but it’s also expensive. Try getting creative with your food, and you could save a few extra pennies.

Fizzy Drinks

Swap them out. Apart from being much healthier to not drink them because of the sugar/ aspartame issues, it’s much cheaper to get rid of them. Instead, give cordial and fizzy/ soda water a go. You might just love it.


It’s a pretty straightforward thing to say that alcohol is expensive. Really expensive. The task is picking what isn’t too expensive, whilst avoid the cheap stuff in a box that’ll make you go a little bit blind. Wine tends to be a killer in particular. It’s a big ask, but maybe see if there’s more sensible ways of getting your tipple.

Fruit and Veg

Your parents did tell you to not eat pizza every day, and to be honest, you’re realising that they were probably right. You’ve hit that stage when biting into an orange causes your gums to bleed from the scurvy, and you’re trying to eat healthy, but it’s costly, particularly when Tesco etc. are charging £2 for four apples. We’ve recommended Lidl before, and despite not deliberately advertising for them, you just won’t find cheaper food like this anywhere else.

Cook at home

Seriously. It’s so much cheaper. I know we all want a Domino’s every night. I want it too. It’s just slightly impossible to be able to afford it. Try to enjoy your food and make sure it’s stuff you take pleasure in cooking and eating. Pesto pasta is cheap and pretty easy to make. You can always dip into beans on toast if you have to. I know it’s hard. The loan won’t be away for long. Stay strong.

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