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By Sarah Harris

Talking to someone about your problems can be a pretty daunting process. Before you go to counseling a dozen different thoughts run through your mind. What do I say? What do I do? How do I start the conversation? It’s easy to forget that counselors and therapists have had years of training when it comes to dealing with clients. I’ve seen a range of different counselors over the course of a few years and it’s important to remember that you’re in a safe and protected environment. For some clients in can take weeks worth of sessions before they finally open up whereas for some it only takes a few minutes. Counselors let you go at your own pace so you feel comfortable sharing whatever information you wish. Although some counselors have their own approaches when it comes to what treatment is best suited for you, they make sure you’re comfortable with this and take you through a detailed review of what the course will be like. Despite this, sometimes it can be easier to talk to a close relative or friend. Although they may not have the same training as counselors, they probably love you unconditionally and talking to someone is definitely better than keeping it all in!

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