Covid-19: What is Cardiff University doing now?

Improvements to be made: Cardiff University pledges to improve staff working conditions and experiences. Source: Stan Zurek (via Wikimedia Commons)

By Anna Dutton

With more and more cases of COVID-19 being reported every day, Cardiff University has been introducing a number of measures to deal with this unprecedented situation and support students through this challenging time.

As the announcement for the University to close came at the beginning of this week, the University has a number of plans in place to ensure that students are still able to continue learning.

Despite the fact that the libraries around campus will be closing, book loans have been extended until April 20 and any fines have been suspended. If students wish to contact a member of library staff, details can be found on the University’s intranet. Halls of residence also remain open for students, but sports facilities have now been closed.

To replace face-to-face teaching, students are now attending lectures and seminars remotely on various online platforms. There has been no specific clarification about how this will impact examination-based assessment or coursework deadlines, but the university is trying to ensure the impact on students is as limited as it can be.

Events in the Student’s Union, such as Juice and YOLO, have also been suspended for the time being, and sadly for those students in their final year of study, all summer graduation ceremonies have been postponed until further notice.

Colin Riordan, Vice-Chancellor at Cardiff University, has said that he has been “enormously impressed” by the “calmness of our students and the dedication of the staff at such a difficult time” stressing that it is important ‘to look after yourselves and those around you.

The University’s measures have been matched across the UK with other universities also moving to remote teaching, as well as schools beginning to close. Large gatherings, such as Glastonbury, have also been postponed until the following year, highlighting the severity of the situation.

What awaits students and staff alike is set to be a very turbulent few months as more cases are confirmed each day and the prospect of lockdown looms closer to becoming a reality. It is important to remain vigilant, stay healthy, and above all to be kind to yourself as well as supporting those around you. Over the next few months, there is a rather bumpy road ahead with a number of twists and turns along the way as the world gets is bearings in what is a very unpredictable situation.

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