Crossword | Croesair 1193


Hope your Halloween was sufficiently spooky! I’m happy to report that the Crossword was legible this edition, so that’s one issue out of the way. Unfortunately, as spotted by some of you, there are gaps in the word boxes. This new software kept them in, unlike the last website we used, so we’ll keep that in mind for next time. Hopefully it wasn’t too perplexing and keep an eye out for the next one – third time’s the charm!

Keep puzzling Cardiff,

Edward Sutton



Tesco finest – Food you’re only getting on Clubcard points 5,6

Finesse – Artful diplomacy, a charming and tactful way to get out of a sticky situation 7


Scrum – What you should be doing to pass the time in the SU queue, ideally in a blue shirt and chinos. 5

Notorious – well known for all the wrong reasons 9

Webb Ellis – Father of sport, or what a spider may call its sophisticated child 4, 5

Drop out – 4, 3 what we have all contemplated at least 3 times already this semester

Candle – 6 it’s been burning it at both ends lately

Lob – 3 To throw something in a high arc, the desired technique for getting rid of a VK bottle in a crowd

Tendency – 8 an inclination, she has a — to skip 9am’s

Moonwalk – 8 the signature move of both the king of pop and you after one too many jagers

Coffee – would be best on drip, a bean that keeps you awake 6

Thrifting – A vintage hobby, rhymes with drifting 9

Expertise – Knowledge in a particular field 9

Circuit – It’s almost worth hand washing if this is the alternative 7

Incense – A fragrant material that is burned, a lit stick 7

Houseplant – Bedroom jungle, can be watered or slaughtered 10

Cereal – Ideal post night out scran, sweet grain 6

Halloween – We should all be dressing as barbie for it this year 9

Jack O Lantern — Skellington and la lamp with transparent casing 4 1 7

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