Cardiff Uni Golf Club first of its kind to join mental health awareness campaign

Cardiff University Golf Club teams up with The Club. Source: CUGC.

by Reece Chambers

Cardiff University Golf Club is the first university club to team up with The Club, a golf-related mental health awareness campaign.

The Club Talks aims to promote awareness for how golf can improve mental health for people of all abilities and ages. As a sport that can often harbour criticism in its traditional form, the campaign looks at changing that representation by creating a more accessible image of golf.

In recent years, using sport to improve mental health awareness has been a key focus for many sporting organisations. Football, amongst other sports, has received support through high profile names such as the Duke of Cambridge who partnered with the Football Association to kickstart the Heads Up campaign.

At Cardiff University, the Golf Club leads the way in terms of creating a sporting environment that allows people to open up and express their feelings.

President of Cardiff University Golf Club, James Geaves, believes that teaming up with The Club can only help to boost mental health awareness within the university club and wider afield too.

“The initiative is an effort to boost mental health awareness through Golf. The Club’s aim is to reach young people across the UK, normalising discussion about Mental Health.

“It is an attempt to highlight the huge benefits the sport can have for everyone, whether or not they have picked up a Golf Club before,” said Geaves.

The Golf Club President also stated that it is ‘hugely encouraging’ to be seeing other university golf clubs around the UK following suit.

“​It is hugely encouraging, our ultimate goal would be to get every University Golf Club in the UK to get behind the campaign.”

Last week, Queen’s University Golf Club was the latest club to fundraise on behalf of The Club Talks. They raised over £280 for the charity. For Geaves, it makes him ‘proud’ to see other clubs following the trend that his club started.

“It makes us proud to see golf clubs from other Universities organising fundraisers and building awareness for the cause. It is a very exciting prospect to see how far The Club Talks initiative could progress over the coming years,” said the President.

With over 150,000 followers across their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook platforms, The Club has rapidly risen in popularity over the last year.

However, no matter how much The Club Talks continues to gain momentum, Geaves’ club will always be the first university team to join the campaign. He believes that the partnership provides the perfect platform to improve mental health awareness.

“​After chatting to The Club about the Campaign we agreed it was a fantastic cause –  the perfect campaign for CUGC to get behind. University golf clubs provide the perfect environment to promote the initiative.

“CUGC wants to have a positive effect on people’s university lives. It can be a stressful environment at times – we wholeheartedly believe that Golf is the perfect remedy for this. Whether you are an aspiring professional or complete beginner, golf really can benefit everyone.”

In essence, that is exactly what the campaign has aimed to achieve for both Cardiff University Golf Club and The Club Talks campaign. Above all, Geaves believes that golf has the ability to improve mental health on a number of different levels.

“Golf is a unique sport, it can be hugely beneficial for Mental Health. it requires calm and focus. It is a chance to have long chat with mates, often for four hours – something you don’t often get in other sports or even social situations for that matter,” said Geaves.

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