Dancing to Recovery

Photo credit: PICS by MARTY via Flickr

By Sanya Arora

No matter the reason why you are stressed, being active is a fantastic therapy to help you cope. Science has proved that those who exercise regularly have relatively high levels of amino acids GABA in their body. Low GABA levels are linked to depression and anxiety.

If you are tense, your sleep cycle is also affected as you are constantly thinking about your troubles and unable to sleep properly. Regular activity helps you sleep better as it makes you tired and fatigues your body and mind.

Exercising also releases endorphins, which create feelings of euphoria, instantly cheering you up!

Dance your troubles away. Literally. Exercising is the best stress-buster technique and also keeps you fit, making you ready to face all your problems. Just broke up? Go punch a boxing bag to release your anger. Tense about studies? Learn a sport to de-clutter your mind and change your mood. Bad day at work? Head to the gym for a rigorous workout to distract yourself.

To transform your state of mind, try meditation. It can help you get rid of your confusions, anxieties, and fears. Even devoting just 10 minutes a day to meditation is enough – as long as there is absolutely no distraction and you are able to tune in to how you are feeling.

When I was in school, I used to get a lot of bad thoughts and even consulted a doctor and how to get rid of it. He suggested yoga to heal my mind.

Though I was the youngest in the yoga class, I immediately understood why he had recommended it. Yoga helps you detoxify your body and gives you mental strength.

Dancing is another way to relieve stress- it improves physical and mental well-being. Groove to the latest beats and your mind will surely get distracted from all your troubles!

The different kind of ways in which you can exercise is endless- even going for a jog every morning improves your mental health. Just try out whatever type interests you and you are certainly going to feel better. Also remember, seek help whenever required. Do not suffer in silence, you are not alone!

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