Dating on a budget!

By Joanna Cunningham

As a student, it’s a given that you’ll have your fair share of dates, whether that be with a first love from school, a fresh new fling, or a budding uni relationship. However, dating can be expensive, so I have put together a little list of perfect date spots, which are cheap, cheerful, and perhaps a little different to what you’d normally go for…

Pic ‘n’ Mix and Cinema

Who doesn’t love a little trip to the movies? Once you’ve sussed out your dating partner, and know a little more about their personality, you can tailor this trip exactly to them – do they like horror movies, or do they prefer a good old-fashioned rom-com? I’m sure you’ll find a movie that’s just right and, if you don’t mind walking a little way to Cineworld, you can secure tickets for as little as £2.90 each!

Just be sure to pack your student card. It’s also no secret that movie snacks can cost a bomb, so pop on over to Poundworld before you go, and grab yourself a pot of sweets for, you guessed it, £1! This is the perfect date idea if you’re not ready for the intensity of a candlelit meal.

Treetop Adventure Mini Golf

This is situated in the St. David’s Centre, and is a great way to blow off some steam. Although it may sound a little childish, it is perfect for all ages! Student putters can buy a ticket for £8, and it’s a really fun way to get to know one another a little more; it’s always good to know firsthand whether someone can handle your competitiveness…

A Romantic Stroll

There are so many areas in Cardiff to explore, for example, a short walk to Bute Park with a picnic in hand is all you need! You could also take a short trip to Bae Caerdydd, either via train or on foot, and have a little walk around the bay. It’s worth stopping there for ice-cream or coffee so you can enjoy the beautiful view together.

Night In

If you compare a night in to your usual 3-course meal, this sort of date is so much cheaper. There is an abundance of takeaways here, my favourite cheaper option being Wiwo, a delicious chinese on Woodville Road.

This sort of date may be a favourite for those more seasoned relationships – simply snuggle under the blankets with a Netflix series ready to go, and order your food for as little as £6 each!

National Museum Cardiff

Not only can you acquire this date completely free, you can impress your partner with your intelligence and knowledge of culture!

Cardiff is one of the cheapest cities out there, so as a student, this makes living on a budget a lot more comfortable than those poor Londoners. I hope these date ideas will give you a little inspiration for your next romantic get-together.

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