Don’t be down Hillary

by George Watkins

So, it’s happened. Your 76-day long campaign to become President ended in dramatic failure. You lost to a man some deem to have fake tan and fluffy hair as his defining features and it hurts. How do you pick yourself up and get back on track after something like this?

Listen only to those you need to. The Republicans want you in prison. Listen to the FBI. There’s always going to be people trying to bring you down and attack you for not being good enough to try to boost their own self esteem.The only opinion on the person you are is your own, but it can often be swept under the carpet in times of crisis like a series of emails from a personal server when you were Secretary of State.

There’s always people who care. Remember those 59,000,000 who voted for you. They’re the ones you need in your life. Flush out negative people, because they won’t do anything but push you further into a down spiral. You can’t please everyone, particularly when they want to put you in jail. Some people are just set in their ways.

Accept what you can’t change. It hurts that you lost Florida, and even faithful old Pennsylvania. It isn’t going to get better overnight, but what can you really do now? The best thing is to not get your campaign chairman to deliver your speech after the race and hiding away. You need to face up to this in a respectable and honourable way. Issues like this won’t get any better if you hide away from them.

You’ve got two choices from here on in: do you stick with what you know and try to get into office the next time around, possibly up against Kanye West or someone equally as entertaining, or do you say “sod it” and look for a different career path?There might still be an opening to make America great again you know. Maybe that boogie with Jay Z and Beyonce to appeal to the Black community wasn’t totally wasted after all. Or you could go totally off piste and decide to become, say, a ski instructor and teach people how to swerve away from risky questions and bumps at the same time. You’ve got this Hillary.

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