Driving home for Christmas

Photo credit: astrid westvang via Flickr

by Tanya Harrington

It’s been a long first semester – you’ve moved (or moved back) to University, dealt with housemate drama, survived Halloween and the horror of midterm assessments and now, finally, Christmas break is right around the corner. Regardless of if you’re a fan of holiday festivities, chances are you’re looking forward to what will hopefully be a welcome break from the university grind. However, there are a few things you’ll need to sort out first.

Book your transport as early as possible. If you already know when you can expect to be going home, don’t leave it until the last minute to arrange a way back. Last minute prices can be higher and in a worst-case scenario, transport might already be fully booked by the time you get around to it. Make sure everything is sorted in your Cardiff home, too – turn the heating off before you leave, clear the fridge of anything that could expire while you’re away, return any books to the library, and double-check that you’ve packed everything you need. Also, make sure that you lock up correctly and that any valuables you’ve left behind are well protected. If you have a job in Cardiff, double check that you’re not scheduled to work during any time that you’re away.

Keeping in touch with friends from university while you’re away is important – but don’t worry if you’re not all chatting as much as usual. With everyone settling in at home, it’s normal for our attention to sometimes be a bit divided. Talk to friends as much as you feel is natural.

You might be surprised by things that have changed while you’ve been away from home, or by the ways that you yourself have changed. This is normal as well, and as time passes you’ll find new ways to settle in and get along comfortably.

Don’t forget to revise! This might not go exactly to plan – as January rolls around, you’ll potentially find yourself frantically revising despite all the good intentions you had going into this holiday. It might even feel as though you never left.

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