Eartha, Cardiff’s Plant Café on City Road

Eartha Plant café
“I had the luxury of visiting the Eartha café in Cardiff.” Credit: Eartha (via Facebook)
When meeting up with a friend for lunch, I had the luxury of visiting the Eartha café in Cardiff.

By Iris Knapman | Review Editor

While thinking of places to go, I remembered walking past this cute little place on City Road quite a few times, but had never given them a try.

If the headline didn’t give it away, Eartha is a plant café – Essentially like a cat café, but full of plants in- stead (some of which are for sale, too, if any of them catch your fancy!).

Before visiting, I’ll admit that I did a little research into Eartha’s website to assess the company itself in more detail.

I discovered that Eartha prides itself on being a community interest company by injecting into the local economy, using the profits to produce public workshops or reinvesting into other Cardiff enterprises.

For example, the café employs locally sourced goods from various businesses here in Cardiff including (but not limited to) Waterloo Tea and the Bute Park Nurseries. If you are someone who values sustainability and well-being then their approach to business may appeal to you.

Eartha’s Aesthetics and Ambiance – 5 stars

In short, when we arrived, all I saw was green.

Not literally, but as you would expect in a plant themed café, there was lots of green and wood accenting to the design of the place. It created a light and airy atmosphere that somehow reminded me of a garden centre.

Although there were tables indoors, the best seating (in my opinion) to be found was outdoors; either: A – in the garden on these cute picnic tables, surrounded by plants and a little greenhouse, or B – in a Mongolian -inspired yurt.

When faced with this tough choice, we picked the yurt.

It was well-lit without being in direct sunlight, and could make a good place for a group outing because of its long tables – or, alternatively, quite a nice location for a more intimate meet-up with its cosy and comforting atmosphere.

The service and experience at Eartha – 5 stars

From the moment we sat down service was quick, and café staff were perfectly kind and helpful.

One of the waiters immediately served a pitcher of water with ice and lemon which was a massive relief as sitting inside the yurt was surprisingly warm. Furthermore, I appreciate businesses that are fully prepared to box food.

As I couldn’t finish all my food so the waiter readily took my left-overs and packaged it to go. Embarrassingly, I will admit that I then proceeded to forget it at the table, but the waiter (going over and above of what we expected from him) came running after us and happily returned the left-overs – Overall, I felt well-looked after by the staff here.

Eartha’s food and drink – 4 stars

The menu at Eartha is entirely meat-free which is great for vegetarians who might find a limited selection at other cafés. Although I myself am not vegetarian, the options all sounded pretty pleasing. They actually have two
menus for lunch and evening meals.

As mentioned earlier, I actually didn’t manage to finish my food onsite because I didn’t have a huge appetite that day, but what I had was definitely delicious once I got back home.

Honestly, my only possible complaint is about the physical menus themselves; they’re unprotected paper sheets which could quite easily
get wet, marked or damaged.

However – I think this might be because the menu changes frequently and so they opt not to get more permanent menus, which I think is entirely forgivable for any local, community-focused café or restaurant.

Grand score – 5 stars

In summary, I had a great time when I visited Eartha; while I’m sure my company helped, the café experience itself was thoroughly enjoyable so it gets a big recommendation!

As I already mentioned, the atmosphere and food were just right for me and I’ll definitely be taking more of my friends there to try out their evening menu at some point soon.

Iris Knapman Review 

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