Elections 2017: Results Day

4:30pm – Sophie Timbers talks to Gair Rhydd

Sophie Timbers embraces her successor

Sophie Timbers said to Gair Rhydd: “I have to admit that it has been an incredible week, as always. Its really difficult to call because you have no idea which way that people are voting, you might see some candidates more than others and then find they’re the ones that have won.

“I also think this has been one of the nicest election week, because all 43 of the candidates have gotten on like a house on fire. They’ve supported each other throughout the week. Congratulations to every single candidate that’s won in these elections because, my god it’s a tough job, but its extremely rewarding all at the same time. The week really is an emotional rollercoaster.”

Photographer: Emily Giblett

4:00pm – The results have been announced

The results are in and we have our team who will run the union next academic year!

Campaign Officers

Mental Health Officer – George Watkins
Students with Disabilities Officer – Charlie Knights
International Students Officer – Jo Tan
Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer – Kabira Suleman

Sabbatical Officers

SU President -Hollie Cooke
VP Welfare – Nicholas Fox
VP Education – Fadhila Al Dhahouri
VP Societies – Lamorna Hooker
VP Sports and AU President – Tom Kelly
VP Heath Park – Kirsty Hepburn
VP Postgrad – Jake Smith