Excitement Builds for Cardiff Half Marathon

Cardiff gets running!
Only a few weeks to go!

By Emma Videan

The beginning of September saw the annual 10k run take place in Cardiff despite the typical Welsh rain making an appearance. The race was organized by Kidney Wales, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary this year. The amount of entries this year broke the record and ensured a successful event.

Out of the 8,000 runners who took part, the winner was Dewi Griffiths, Swansea, who completed the race in an outstanding 28 minutes and 47 seconds. This is not his final run for the year however, as he plans on competing in the upcoming Cardiff Half Marathon on the 1st October, where he hopes to take first place again.

The Half Marathon is partnered with Cardiff University and will be the largest run to date with over 25,000 runners signed up to take part. This iconic route will take the runners around all the main sights in Cardiff with the start line outside Cardiff Castle and the finish line outside the main university building.

Included in these 25,000 people are a handful of runners that are hoping to get their names in the Guinness Book of World Records. Included in this is a team of firefighters, including Kevin Summerhayes. Summerhayes hopes to beat his record from last year by 6 minutes 8.46 seconds in order to secure a place as a world record breaker.

Another recognisable runner to look out for if you plan on being a spectator is Sir Runalot, known as Tudor Jones in his day-to-day life. Jones is raising money for Ty Hafan children’s hospice and will be running in a full suit of armour. He hopes to break the world record that he sadly missed out on last year due to a part of his armour falling off which cost him 14 minutes in order to fix it.

These runs are huge events in Cardiff, so be sure to show your support to the 25,000 runners on 1st October at any point on the route.

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