Malaysian Society and the Festival of Diversity XII: Ratu Kelantan

Malaysia is more than just one of the buzzing economical hubs in Southeast Asia. It is more than just home to the Orangutans and the ever-so-popular spicy Nasi Lemak. We have become a developed nation with a proud multiracial and multicultural population whose stories and cultures have been mixed and melded. There are many stories that come to mind when you think about Malaysia, from modern day news stories you most likely would hear only about, to simple fables and lore. We are what we are today– a nation rich in its heritage and diversity because of the melting pot of cultures in our country.

We wish to share with you our story of what it’s like to be Malaysian and offer a taste of Malaysian culture. This year, on the 15th  February 2015 at 2pm, we the Malaysian Students’ Society of Cardiff University (MSSCF), welcome you to witness the 12th instalment of our award-winning Festival of Diversity (FOD), held at the grand St. David’s Hall.

The Festival of Diversity exists for two main reasons– the first being to promote the diversity of Malaysian culture to the local and also the international community here in Cardiff, the second being our chance as Malaysians to reconnect with our own culture and heritage. Every year over a hundred participants, regardless of age, race, religion or Malaysian heritage, come together to produce this spectacular musical performance. We become more than just participants in a one-off musical, we become a memory that each of us hold for years to come– a memory that we will retell. We would like to invite you all to share our story by coming to support us.

This February, we present “Ratu Kelantan– Queen of Kelantan”, a historical fiction musical that retells the tale of the first Queen of Kelantan, Cik Siti Wang Kembang, a young princess who is forced to become Queen in a world largely dominated by males in one of the eastern coastal states of Peninsular Malaysia. It is set in 16th century Malaysia, a time when the states were still independent, and when there was a cultural boom growing in Kelantan.

With a whole new cast of talented individuals and a spectacular line-up of vivid traditional Malay, Indian and Chinese dances, accompanied by live performances of popular eastern, western, traditional and modern music, we live up to the standards of being awarded the ‘Best Malaysian Night of 2014’. You are sure to be immersed in the beauty of our Malaysian culture, particularly with our iconic Dikir Barat performance– a traditional dance that is done whilst seated in a large group, each individual performing a synchronized movement that forms part of a bigger formation, accompanied by traditional percussion and acoustics.

Come and join us on this adventure through Malaysian history and indulge in a magical evening of music and art with our dedicated team of ever amusing, fun and hardworking students from Cardiff University.

For tickets and more information, visit http://tinyurl.com/k5gsdu6

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