First Date Jitters

By Ashavari Baral

Go back to that feeling. That feeling you get when the boy/girl you fancy finally has the courage to ask you on a date or rather go back to the feeling where YOU muster up the courage to ask your crush out. How does that feel? Fantastic doesn’t it? When they say yes, you feel like you could conquer the world. That 30 seconds of courage can give you a high that lasts the entire week.

But what happens when we say goodbye and go home. We get nervous. We wait anxiously for a text or a phone call. That feeling of anxiety and nervousness is more common than you know. You constantly think to yourself ”Have i done enough?”, ”Will they change their mind when we meet in that setting?” or the big ”Are they going to cancel on me?”

The answer is never clear. But here’s a tip from me to you. Take that jump. The reason they said yes to you in the first place is because their interested.On a first date its good to be calm and collected. Nobody expects you to ooze confidence but don’t come over-prepared, this isn’t an interview. Dates are supposed to be spontaneous and romantic, that cannot happen if you are rehearsing every word you say in your head.

That being said, be chivalrous and respectful. A first date will go incredibly well if you show off your best manners. Even the smallest things count, like how you treat your waiter or how often you ask questions about them. A good icebreaker is to ask if they’ve ever had a pet, they have to love animals right? Your mutual love for furry creatures will make sparks fly for sure.

Another charmer is to appreciate what they do. When they speak to you about their hobbies and aspirations, ask follow up questions. People like if you are genuinely interested in them as people and what they are fond of. Even if you aren’t that interested in what they do it is a really good tip to be supportive of them. This will make you come across as encouraging, and I personally find that an extremely attractive quality in a partner. Hopefully, they will ask you questions about your dreams too, be open with your answers. People can sense passion.

As obvious as it is, don’t speak about yourself so much. On a first date try and keep conversations light but meaningful. Another obvious No, no is constantly checking your phone, speaking about your past relationships and being degrading.

Most importantly, don’t stress. Whats the worst that can happen? the date can go badly and will turn into a learning lesson. First dates may seem daunting, but you will get through it and hopefully feel more at ease with your partner as the date progresses.

Remember, first impressions count but don’t let the tension eat you up.If you really goof up on a first date, you can always ask for a re-do. Be yourself and the rest will work out A-okay.

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