Ford Accuses Kavanaugh of Sexual Assault Weeks Before Supreme Court Vote

By Gee Harland

On September 27th, the U.S Senate Committee heard Dr Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against Brett Kavanaugh. Ford has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault, of which she has spoken about publicly before, but explains that she feels it is her civil duty to relay the events. Kavanaugh is a US Supreme Court Nominee, as put forward by President Trump. This trial places Kavanaugh at risk of losing his potential role as SCOTUS, with GOP’s such as Jeff Flake and Susan Collins already suggesting they will not vote for him if found guilty. Fighting for his professional life, Kavanaugh claims he is completely innocent of the allegations. This creates further issues because if Kavanaugh is found to be lying to Congress, he could face imprisonment.

Senator Feinstein summarises this controversy, stating: “This is not a trial of Dr. Ford, it’s a job interview for Judge Kavanaugh. Is Brett Kavanaugh who we want on the most prestigious court in our country? Is he the best we can do?”

Ford, a research psychologist, is not the only person to come forward with accusations against Kavanaugh. Two other women, who were students at Yale, have stated they were also sexually assaulted by the jurist.

Thirty-six years after the assault against Ford, she explains that still thinks about it. She suffered from PTSD, and felt shameful about the incident. The recorded testimony shows Ford clearly distressed and uncomfortable as she recalls the events. She claims she felt emboldened and obliged to come forward after the #MeToo movement gained momentum.

There have been speculations about Fords testimony, however. Inconsistencies have been found, drawing people to believe Ford is lying with political motivation. President Trump nominated Kavanaugh for SCOTUS, meaning the result of the Supreme Court would be majority republican. This has come under scrutiny as they could then decide legal precedent on issues such as illegalising abortions; a controversial republican view. The #MeToo movement has also come under scrutiny in the light of this trial, with many people suggesting it is encouraging a lack of equality for men and is dividing women.

However, if Brett Kavanaugh must step down from being a US Supreme Court Nominee, there is conversation of Amy Barrett replacing him as President Trumps nominee. Consequently, the result of the Supreme Court would remain with a majority republican. This undermines Ford testimony, if it were to be found a lie with political motivation.

The nine members of court in Washington, DC, will have a final say on the trial. Despite the outcome, democrats have stated that once they come into power they will launch an investigation into Kavanaugh with the aims of getting him impeached. This means he will lose his current judicial role.

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