Former Cardiff University Student dies a hero while exploring Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park
Cardiff couple were victims of a rock fall incident in a Californian National Park

By Rimante Bivainyte

A British climber and former Cardiff University student, Andrew Foster was crushed by the fall of rocks saving his wife, Lucy’s life in Yosemite National Park, California. The couple were hiking during their three-week trip around the National Park, celebrating their first year anniversary.

Andrew Foster, 32, was instantly killed when a 1,000 – tonne piece of granite submerged from the face of the El Capitan monolith. The climber jumped in the face of the massive piece of stone to protect his wife, who remains in critical condition at the moment. El Capitan is one of the most famous rock formations and favourite challengers for rock climbers.

The rescue team managed to help his wife out of the rocks and she was then airlifted to the hospital. She said: “Andrew saved my life. He dived on top of me as soon as he could see what was going to happen. He saved my life.”

The couple met during their studies at Cardiff University and both were professional climbers and skiers. Andrew and Lucy were leading a blog where they shared their adventures in the mountains and their outdoor activities. They described themselves as ‘passionate weekend warriors’. Through this blog they hoped to encourage others to undertake outdoor activities and ‘experience the natural world’.

A spokesman of Cardiff University Students’ Union said: “Andy and Lucy were both active and much loved members of Cardiff University Mountaineering Club (CUMC). Both took on leadership roles within the club, teaching beginners to climb and playing a key role in the fabric of the club over a number of years.”

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