Fuelling a World Class Cycling City

Photo credit: Tejvan Pettinger via Flickr

By Ilona Cabral

Cardiff City Council has said that it wants the capital to become “a world class cycling city”. It aims to fulfil this goal by feeding £500,000 for 5 years into boosting cycling activities and coaching.

The project, supported by British cycling and HSBC, is being implemented in 9 other cities and aims to increase the number of people cycling by 10,000 and to double the amount of people cycling to work to 18.4%. The project also hopes to host a city ride for 8,000 cyclists on 13th May 2018, where the City Centre will be closed for a ‘car-free’ day.

The cabinet member for planning and transport, Caro Wild, said that they wanted more than 50% of journeys to take place on bikes, on foot or by public transport by 2026. Creating cycling plans within schools that would make routes safer would achieve this.

However, with the volume of traffic on Wales’s roads at an all-time high, it is clear why 57% of residents are dissuaded from cycling more. People are calling for more road safety measures; almost 80% of Cardiff residents believe that segregated cycle lanes will make cycling safer, and a report by Sustrans Cymru has shown that protective barriers would encourage more cyclists.

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