Gair Rhydd meets: Ethical and Environmental Officer Candidates

Ethical and Environmental Officer

Nia Jones

About you?

I’m from Caerphilly and study Environmental Geography and I’m in second year. Really passionate about ethical and environmental issues.

Why are you running?

I’m running because I think the Union has a long way to go. Granted there are great things happening but I think we can do more. I have lots of experience mobilising students and helping show people the importance of looking after our environment. I don’t like the idea that students are apathetic because I think we’re actually one of the most passionate demographics. We are a force to be reckoned with.

What experience do you have that will make you good for the role?

I helped to co-found the No Straw Stand movement. We’ve got 30 businesses on board, including the Union and businesses around Cathays. I’m an academic representative and student rep. In these roles I listen to students and communicate with the university and the school about what students want and how best to implement such things.

Top 3 points from manifesto

1) Lobby for university to move away from fossil fuels. We currently invest £2 million so I want to help us move away from that.

2) Install more water bottle refill stations to reduce the amount of plastic being bought and thrown away.

3) I want to empower all students on their right to free speech. This might be complaining about lecturers, issues with your course, or any societies, anonymously and without fear on unfair consequences.

Uni services and facilities to be improved or changed?

I’d like to advertise student support services in terms of complaining against certain bodies. I’d love to improve the physical installations in the university like water fountain availability. I’d like to improve our university accommodations waste management scheme so to help the transition from halls to housing.



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