Gair Rhydd meets: International Students’ Officer Candidates

International Students’ Officer

Julia Rooke

About you?

I’m a second year History student. This is because I decided to extend my course to four years having spent last year at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Why are you running?

I nominated myself last minute having heard about it through friends. I realized the position was open and knowing a lot of international students, and having been one myself I wanted to run to represent their interests.

What experience do you have that will make you good for the role?

I’ve worked with Global Opportunities for all of this year and have focused on spreading the word about the international opportunities open to students. In January I helped to organize and host an international tea party for short term exchange students. This event helped to bring people together and to share their cultural experiences. As the officer for International Students I’d want more events like this.

Top 3 points from manifesto

1) To bring people together: International students aren’t just spending time in their own communities, but also bringing our students into their culture and letting students get to know one another.

2) I want to build on the International Student Association and make it an even better support system.

3) I know I’m not an International Student, but I have been. I’m open to discussion and want to help make changes within the Union to help International Students.

Uni services and facilities to be improved or changed?

I would bring the many support services for International Students together, raising awareness of what services exist to support students.

Slogan: Bringing people together

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