Gair Rhydd meets: LGBT+ Womens’ Officer Candidates

Amy George

About you?

Joint honours Welsh and history- 2nd year From Pontypridd. I always wanted to come to Cardiff. I like to go out, and all students, especially with CU pride- Trip to London, really good fun, felt like a trip of solidarity. Got 2 Cats, and cares about the right to the Welsh Language

Why are you running for this position?

Bisexual Woman- Not many high-profile people are bisexual, but the Vice Chancellor came out, shows that people like her exist in academia and the world. Friends with Josh Lewis, and I believe the work can be rewarding.

What experience do you have that will make you good for this role?

Part of UMCC, got experience representing a minority, meaning I can transfer skills across

Top 3 manifesto points:

1) Awareness- to the wider community, homophobia, transphobia, information to become better allies, workshops etc.

2) Inclusivity- Feels underrepresented, wants to raise issues of Transphobia and Bi erasure, greater representation for BEM students

3) Safety- Gender Neutral Toilets, Health and Mental Health- 50% trans people under age of 26 have considered taking their own lives- work with VP Welfare and Mental Health to have procedures in place for these students.

What university facilities (etc. services) would you change or like to improve on?

Lobbying of Gender neutral toilets, mental health and counselling services

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