Gair Rhydd meets: Mental Health Officer Candidates

Orla Tarn

Orla Tarn.jpg

About you?

Irish, second year maths student 4th year in Cardiff so changed course, changed from Physics

Why are you running for this position?

Passion for mental health, struggled for 11 years on and off and struggled to find support so want to make sure students can always access services when they need them.

What experience do you have that’s relevant for this role?

Personal experience and president of mental health service in Cardiff. I’m also a well-being champion, student mentor helped with execs like welfare and give it a go seen student life from lots of angles so understand what they need.

Top 3 manifesto points

1) Creating transparent and consistent policy for mental health on all campuses because it can be difficult to know how and when to claim so they don’t want students to be disadvantaged dependent on school they are studying in.

2) Varying hours of drop services in advice and student support to fit around lectures, for heath students especially, have no chance of making 3 o clock appointments. Same support no matter they study or who they are.

3) Promoting work students do for each other, peer support introduce more on both campuses, this will take pressure of services that are struggling and encourage more students to get involved in volunteering with others.

What facilities or services would you change or improve on?

I would vary times of drop ins so they are more accessible for wide range of students. Love to make more well being services on the Heath, can be difficult for them to come down to Cathays and they are more likely to experience mental health problems as Heath students

Slogan: Support Orla the time, Vote Orla for mental health

Abbie Fridlington

Abbie Fridlington.jpg

About you?

I’m from Sheffield studying Biomedical Science in my final year.

Why are you running for this position?

There needs to be a better link between SU and student support system and needs to make use of these services, better access across uni from Heath to post graduate, and those not on campus.

What experience do you have that’s relevant for this role?

I do lots of mental health based volunteering, wellbeing champion in the campaign video recent one. Two off campus projects that are mental health based, so lots of experience in this area.

Top 3

1) Improving access across all schools, outside of 9-5 day so any student can go

2) Making sure that students know that the su is the place they can seek support and make meaningful changes with drop in sessions

3) Promotion making sure people know what services are available, more than just counselling service

What facilities or services do you want to change or improve?

Student support at Heath and post grad areas need improved support. The new student life centre will be a better place for student support.

Slogan: feel good with Frids

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