Gair Rhydd meets: Students’ Union President Candidates

Fadhila Al Dhahouri

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m an International student, brought up in Emirates, quarter Indian, quarter Pakistani, Half Arab. Studied Genetics, graduated last year. VP Education currently and standing for president.

Why are you running for this position?

Skills, knowledge and relationship developed over the last 7 months. Student experience. Enjoyed every moment of VP education, wants to utilise this for one more year as an opportunity. Wants to make a change. Wants a transformative, inclusive union for all students.

What experience do you have that will make you good for this role?

VP education, on lots of committees with president. I sit on the council already, so has all of the experience, has a good relationship at a senior/staff level, this makes me different from other sabs. I have the most meetings with the most senior staff members, and I have the drive and passion to deliver more for our students. I have delivered 14 objectives which include free printing, 2018-19 Lecture capture, more study spaces in exam period. I have done so many campaigns, conferences and more. I have had the full exposure to be the person to lead the union, both form a university and union perspective. This makes me different and unique.

Top 3 Manifesto Points:

1) Free printing for everything in the SU

2) Reducing catering costs across campus

3) SU rooftop garden, greening up the union

What university facilities or services would you like to improve on or change?

Student Welfare: mental health training for personal tutors lobby welsh assembly for housing and renting regulations. Transport support for placement students, and students outside of the campus. Support for international students, booklet guide for students (international and erasmus) so they’re better supported when they’re here.

Slogan: I hear you, let’s make it happen.