Gair Rhydd meets: VP Education Candidates

Taz Jones

Taz Jones.jpg

About you? Aged 26, Genetics student.

Why are you running? “Really passionate about change and have a lot of ideas about the student rep system”

What experience do you have that will make you good for the role? “I have been a student rep for three years, currently the chair on student/staff panels in bio-sci and the current LGBT+ Officer (Women). I understand how the system and SU works.

Top 3 points from manifesto

1) Lobby the university to introduce flexible assessments, students to choose course work or exams for their end of module assessment.

2) To introduce peer training in the student rep system, so that current reps train new ones.

3) Personal tutor training – mental and physical health and LGBT+ issues.

Uni services and facilities to be improved or changed? Update eduroam to boost performance, as well as refurbishment of the SU plug sockets, computers, and better postgrad facilities.

Slogan: Vote Taz to make the future brighter.

Rebecca Pinder

Rebecca Pinder.jpg

About you? “Fourth year Chemistry student, as well as a Brownie Group Leader”

Why are you running? “I’ve always had ideas about how to change the university, and most of my ideas are different to the other candidates, as this election is an opportunity to instigate change.”

What experience do you have that will make you good for the role? In the past, I have been very involved in the school council, however due to my situation, I have had less involvement with the Union as I have worked instead. This gives me an edge, as I have seen a different side to the student experience.”

Top 3 points of manifesto

1) Create a tutoring scheme

2) Introduce model answers and past papers for every school

3) More support for the working student, and the creation of an accreditation scheme

Uni services and facilities to be improved or changed? “I’d like to create a student tutoring scheme, as well as an accreditation scheme in town to show students which companies are student ‘friendly’ in terms of employment. I’d also like extension leads in the libraries to allow more access points.”

Slogan: Pinder Pan, #PinderPanCan

Owain Beynon

Owain Benyon.jpg

About you? “I’m a Chemistry fourth year, and from Carmarthen.”

Why are you running? “I’d like to make students’ lives better through education, more support and a better education system.”

What experience do you have that will make you good for the role? “I was treasure of the chemistry society, I volunteer with student advice, am on many executive committees, and have helped on housing actions.”

Top 3 points of manifesto

1) Personal teacher training

2) Better exam feedback, with marked script access

3) Change the penalties for late submissions to a sliding scale depending on how late it is.

Uni services and facilities to be improved or changed? “I’d like to bring in better personal teacher training, including better pastoral training to create a more solid figure I students’ lives”

Slogan: The future’s bright, the future’s Owain.

Andrew Duncan VP Education

Andrew Duncan.jpg

About you?

Second year study civil engineering. Originally from Derbyshire, went to states for 4 years, then moved back to somerset

Why are you running for this position?

Student staff panel on course and not a huge amount done for current year. Students have an anonymous complaints system and introduce system so that changes will impact current students. Spent last year in student advice executive committee looking at all range of student issues, and has broad range of issues students face and got a wide range of policies that will benefit everyone

What experience do you have that is relevant for this?

Student advice exec committee, a lot of issues is that students don’t know about current services available especially freshers. Plan to make freshers aware of points in SU, not just here for juice and VKs. Incorporate post grad so we are not just about alcohol so that post grads and under grads know the SU fully supports them, and those on heath have same opportunities as those on main campus

Top 3 manifesto points

1) Standardised training for all academic tutors across uni in mental health and academic regulations. Not just about see you soon, if they don’t know you enough cant write a good academic reference. Make sure meetings are asking about education and projects and can give you better advice about stuff like stress that will be covered in training and can sign post them to services available. If its an issue about project or task, and direct students to those in charge of project

2) Readily accessible anonymous complaints system on the intranet. Fire off complaints quickly about something that has happened through student staff panel and will be fed back to staff and will be informed about what’s going to happen

3) Links to study spaces. Want free assessment printing for compulsory assignments and uni wide option where possible for online submission. Improved Eduroam connectivity so that studying can be better

What facilities or services will change or improve across university? Eduroam, boosting the publicity the current services so all students know what we are doing. We have a lot of amazing services. Small scale events about what we can do for you like a fare with a few stalls that they can go to and look at different services available like volunteering and Give It A Go.

Slogan: Vote Andrew Duncan donuts. Improving student life here at university.